The Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo promote the comprehensive training of people who are unemployed, by reinforcing their digital skills and preparing them transversally for the needs of the new job market.

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They will be implemented in more than a hundred cities around the country, over the next four years.

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They will improve the employability of more than 6,000 unemployed persons.

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‘Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’ is a new format of launchers. They allow employment guidance to be adapted to the challenges of the digital era, to the challenges of the global job market, continually changing and increasingly technological; which evolves rapidly and demands the digital transformation of all professions.

The programme will directly drive the digital transformation and improve the employability of more than 6,000 unemployed people; although the performance of supplementary activities could reach 49,700 potential beneficiaries..


‘Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’ changes the structure and offers two main activities with a progressive digital transformation: ‘Digital literacy’ and ‘Job Connect Launcher’, which will last 8 months and attend to at least 32 people.

There are two objectives: help more people and offer a more personalised and digital employment guidance, adapted to the technological training and needs of each unemployed person.

Each activity is different, aimed at a different audience, having different activities, content, methodology and duration. Subsequently, it is not possible to participate in the two; each person must select one option or the other, depending on their level of digital skills.

– Digital Literacy is a one month course to improve the basic digital skills to search for work. It consists of 30 hours of training for 10 unemployed people (18-60), who will learn to open an email account to search for work; to use an office software suite to create a CV, a data base or a professional presentation. They will also take the plunge into the digital environment to learn how to search for work on the internet and social media via different devices.

– Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo is a four month programme to learn how to search for work on the internet, while reinforcing transversal and digital skills. There are 20 places available for unemployed people (18-60). Emotional intelligence dynamics will be used to learn how to develop a job search plan, update CVs and simulated job interviews will be held; employability maps and visits to companies. They will follow the methodology of launchers, but with a progressive digitisation. There will be face to face sessions during the first few weeks, but more technological techniques and tools will be gradually introduced, including activities with videoconferencing, virtual community participation and webinar cycles with experts to reinforce their transversal and digital skills, to improve their learning in the digital era and better their employability in the current market.

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How do you register?

Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo offer two main activities: ‘Digital Literacy’ and ‘Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’. Each activity has its own registration form, are aimed at different publics and the methodology, activities and content are also different.

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Digital Literacy

If your digital knowledge is very basic and you need to improve your skills to look for work, sign up for these practical and free workshops where you will learn to use email, the Office package or social media. For a maximum of 10 people with a duration of one month.

Job Connect Launchers

If your digital skills are more developed, register for this free four month course. Learn to search for work as a team, better your transversal and digital skills and improve your employability. For a maximum of 20 people.


‘Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’ is a project by Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Santa María la Real.

It is co-financed by the European Social Fund, as part of the POISES (Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Employment) programme.