In Support of the Victims of the Earthquake

Telefónica is mobilising to support the Turkish and Syrian people launching the #MovilizadosPorElTerremoto campaign.


Dive into the pool in 42. Dive into coding, learn programming for free

Do you know about the next Campus 42 pools in Spain? Find out about them and sign up!


Regulatory change in the digital domain, key to Europe's drive towards becoming a technological superpower

The Digital Society in Spain 2023 Report published by the Telefónica Foundation, tracks technology trends and their development in 2022


Telefónica Foundation’s 42 campuses, organised in partnership with IBM, will become pioneering quantum training centres

The 42 Urduliz campus run by Telefónica Foundation and Bizkaia Provincial Council hosts a seminar on training in quantum computing and employability.


Registrations open for the II Edition of the Cybersecurity Bootcamp in 42!

It's your time to participate in the Cybersecurity Bootcamp in the 42 campuses in Madrid, Urduliz (Bizkaia), Barcelona and Malaga. For 8 weeks, from 11 April to 2 June, in this bootcamp, developed by Fundación Telefónica and the students of the cybersecurity league of the 42 Madrid programming campus and with the collaboration of Telefónica Tech and Splunk, you will be able to train in one of the most employable fields of technology today: cybersecurity. In addition, you will acquire basic knowledge of Python, the most popular programming language of the moment. In this edition, the bootcamp participants will also be able to make use of Splunk, one of the most powerful tools on the market in operational intelligence for monitoring, analysing and visualising large volumes of data.


Aula Digital Peru: Technology, a transformative key for education

The project incorporates training and ongoing support for teachers, the implementation of technology in schools, and the use of platforms with digital educational content.


Free online courses: training to improve your professional profile

In 2022, our free digital training programme, 'Conecta Empleo', helped nearly 300,000 people in 9 countries to improve their digital skills.