The evolution of women in technology professions

Since January 2022, female talent in development and programming roles has increased, although more needs to be done to increase female representation in ICT.


ProFuturo and American Tower join forces to bring educational innovation to vulnerable schools in LATAM and Africa

The two entities announce their partnership to continue transforming children's education through technology in more than 40 schools.


Telefónica Foundation and Legalitas Foundation, together to guide and train

Telefónica Foundation and Legálitas Foundation sign a collaboration agreement to offer guidance and training to participants in the Campus 42 and Telefónica Volunteering projects.


Reskilling and Upskilling in the Digital Age

We explore these two terms, which are key in an employment landscape marked by professionals who, in response to a greater need to adapt, are seeking to redefine and strengthen their careers.


Together with Women4Cyber Spain we will promote digital skills among women

Campus 42 will host initiatives and activities to promote the development, recognition and visualisation of women in the ICT and cybersecurity sector.


Fundación Telefónica launches RECONECTADOS, an initiative to boost the digital skills of older people

RECONECTADOS. Technology is ageless is a complete and free programme that seeks to boost the digital capabilities of old people and their direct environment. The programme consists of face-to-face workshops, online training and educational resources for their direct environment, whether they are family members or professionals.


The importance of cyber security in the digital age

Nowadays, when information is an invaluable asset and connectivity is a necessity, this scope emerges as a fundamental pillar to safeguard data and protect individuals, businesses and institutions.