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Free online courses: training to improve your professional profile

In 2022, our free digital training programme, 'Conecta Empleo', helped nearly 300,000 people in 9 countries to improve their digital skills.


ChatGPT: the jobs that will change with AI by 2023

We've been wondering how job automation will affect employment since the first industrial revolution and the answer is always the same: adapting. Why should it be any different with ChatGPT? The popul


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Learn for free at the 42 programming campuses to boost your digital skills, and improve your professional profile and the most in-demand skills in the labour market.


Our programming campuses ’42’, awarded in Europe

The '42' programming campuses are a unique project that is changing the way of understanding training and accessing the labour market. They are the ideal launching pad to connect with the jobs of the present and the future.


2022 the year of Artificial Intelligence: 7 key milestones

Bruce Willis, the State AI Agency, ChatGPT and 200 million proteins have been some of the key players in artificial intelligence.