Debates about a new social model

Ten keynote speakers, a cross-cutting approach and five thematic pillars: geopolitics, cities and health, employment and companies, science in the Arts, and the the climate emergency.


Rethinking tomorrow

At Fundación Telefónica we want to become a forum for participative thought, capable of analyzing what is yet to come and place ourselves at the service of society during this period of uncertainty.


Free 'Job Connect' courses

Training never stops. Comes a new batch of training aimed at boosting people's digital skills, reinventing their profile and helping them to become the professionals demanded by the employment market.


Mobilized in #SolidarityforUkraine

To support society in times when it needs it most, we are launching the #SolidarityforUkraine campaign to help in this humanitarian crisis.


Ukraine needs us! A convoy of essential items for the Ukrainians

Do you want to collaborate to help address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine? The Telefónica Foundation channels its aid through social organisations working in situ.


Help Ukraine!

Donation collection campaign in collaboration with Cruz Roja for humanitarian aid to displaced persons from Ukraine.


Teresa Perales, winner of the Princess of Asturias Prize for Sport 2021

Thanks to her courage, ambition and endless struggle, our ambassador has won the Princess of Asturias Prize for Sport 2021.


Presentation of the report 'Digital Society in Spain. The year everything changed'

Outlining the main trends that highlight the progress that the country is making in its digital transformation.