Mapcesible is a project that was created with the assistance of more than 700 Telefónica Volunteers. Cutting edge technology serving society.

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Mapcesible es un proyecto que nace de la colaboración de más de 700 Voluntarios Telefónica. Tecnología puntera al servicio de la sociedad.


Under the slogan Make the accessible visible, MAPcesible was created with a view to becoming a collaborative platform where any person, with or without reduced mobility, could map out the accessibility of places they visited or check the evaluations to plan their daily movements. In this manner it is possible to find the accessible places in Spain at a glance, thus making the day-to-day activities of people with reduced mobility easier, thanks to technology.

The platform currently has more than 27,000 accessible points, including stores, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, accommodation and public places such as beaches, car parks and sports centres. In addition to the places uploaded by the users themselves, nearly 5,000 ‘mapcesibilistas’, the app includes 17 datasets of official organisations such as the Ministry for Ecological Transition, Autonomous Communities and councils, benefiting from the efforts of these entities to publish this information and placing it in the palm of their hand.

Everyone must be able to live, move about and use all its services without any problems. AUDREY AZOULAY DIRECTOR GENERAL of the UNESCO

Aware that accessibility is a problem for everyone, Telefónica Volunteers identified a solution where technology could play a key role. It was through the Lescer Centre (specialising in the neurological rehabilitation and brain damage), where they were carrying out rehabilitation workshops for people who had lost mobility due to a variety of diseases. They showed them the seed of the app and they quickly joined forces to create something big, which resulted in MAPcesible.

From those beginnings, more than 700 Telefónica Volunteers joined the challenge to map, during their free time and holidays, the accessibility of different places in Spain.

Another of the key elements of MAPcesible is that it is open to the whole of society, thus allowing anyone to become a digital volunteer and collaborate with accessibility by mapping new places, thus raising awareness in society that accessibility is something that affects everyone.

Users need to register with their email and answer a series of simple questions that allow them to quickly define how accessible a place is, evaluating in a collaborative manner the accessibility of any place in Spain. The technical support and consultancy was provided by ILUNION, Tecnología y accesibilidad, to establish the questions and the aspects that should be evaluated at each type of establishment.

MAPcesible is available for mobile devices for the two most widely used platforms (iOS and Android) and on-line for any type of device.

Collaborate by mapping the accessibility of the places you visit around Spain and help thousands of people with reduced mobility. Click by click, between us all we can make their lives easier.

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