Organisation Structure

Some of our tasks include: presenting recommendations before the Board of Trustees, coordinating the start-up and execution of the strategic programmes and projects at a global level, organising the resources and ensuring the medium and long-term sustainability of the Fundación through the creation of strategic alliances. Each one of the Foundations has its own team responsible for local management All these teams provide us with diverse profiles that enable us to better respond to the needs of society.


César Alierta Izuel Chairman Fundación Telefónica
Carmen Morenés Managing Director Fundación Telefónica
Sofía Fernández de Mesa International Relations Fundación Telefónica
Lydia Loste Communication Fundación Telefónica
Pablo Gonzalo Digital Culture Fundación Telefónica
Joan Cruz Institutional Relations Fundación Telefónica
Luis M. Olivas Employability and Education Fundación Telefónica
Lucila Ballarino Digital Transformation Fundación Telefónica
Carlos Palacios Telefónica Volunteers Fundación Telefónica
Susana Prieto Human Resources Fundación Telefónica
Iñigo Audibert Finance Processes and Controls Fundación Telefónica

Board of Trustees (Spain)

As the body overseeing Fundación Telefónica, the Board of Trustees also defines the general management, approves the budget, evaluates and ensures the correct running of the Fundación and promotes and encourages strategic programmes aimed at the participation and improvement of the communities.

  • Mr César Alierta Izuel
Ex Oficio Trustees
  • Mr José María Álvarez-Pallete López
  • Mr Ángel Vilá Boix
  • Mr Salvador Sánchez-Terán Hernández
  • Mr Luis Solana Madariaga
  • Ms Laura Abasolo García Baquedano
  • Mr Eduardo Navarro de Carvalho
  • Mr Francisco de Bergia González
  • Ms Trinidad Jiménez García Herrera
Elected Trustees
  • Mr Julio Linares López
  • Mr Javier Nadal Ariño
  • Ms Lucía Figar de Lacalle
  • Mr Javier Solana Madariaga
  • Mr Alberto Terol Esteban
  • Mr Pablo de Carvajal González
Deputy Secretary
  • Ms María Luz Medrano Aranguren