File a complaint

If you become aware of any irregularity, unlawful act that is contrary to current legislation, or breach of the internal regulation of Fundación Telefónica, you can file a complaint through this channel. You may file a complaint either anonymously or by providing your personal details.

The management of this whistleblowing channel is based on the principles of confidentiality of the information or data provided, as well as by the principles of autonomy, independence and exhaustiveness of analysis and investigation, together with the observance of the basic Principles of Action that govern Fundación Telefónica: integrity, commitment and transparency.

Check the status of my complaint

After sending a complaint, the system will provide you with a user name and password, which will allow you to check the status of your complaint at any time, through an anonymous communication channel. You will also be able to expand on the information initially provided in your complaint and contact the auditor in charge of its analysis and/or investigation.