Volunteer Awards

We would like to acknowledge the value that the volunteers contribute to society.

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Here at Fundación Telefónica we firmly believe that helping to change the world deserves an award and, with this in mind, with these awards, we seek to identify and disseminate the best volunteer initiatives in Spain.

The awards are aimed at rewarding the cultivation of the values associated with volunteering through their dissemination in the media; the promotion and their efforts in educational areas; and in the work carried out by the social and corporate entities themselves, given that all of them contribute to the social progress and well-being in an extraordinary manner. The winner of each category will receive a prize of €5,000, which will be reinvested into the type of projects and entities established for each category.


The Awards are divided into five categories:

1.Communication.This category is open to any media and content authors who stand out for their scope and value in raising awareness of and informing on volunteering in Spain.

2.Education. Aimed at educational centres, universities and not for profit entities with projects that involve the students in volunteer initiatives.

3.Social entity. Category open to not for profit organisations, with their headquarters in Spain and which carry out their labours nationally and internationally.

4.Inspirational volunteer. Category open to individuals and public or private entities with projects of a social and inspirational nature, carried out in Spain.

5.Corporate volunteer. Aimed at companies with their headquarters in Spain that have national and international corporate volunteer programmes.


Three evaluated areas:

In all the categories, except for communication, the dimensions and the evaluation criteria respond to three focal points covering conception and mobilisation of the volunteers.

1.Relevance of the volunteers within the organisational framework and personalised attention (training and mentoring) in the social labour undertaken.

2.Efficient and effective models for the promotion and organisation of the volunteers.

3.Solid guidance of the intervention of the volunteers regarding the social impact.

The Awards Jury is made up of relevant representatives from Telefónica, Fundación Telefonica and leading institutions in the social, corporate and communications sector, associated with volunteering in Spain, at the invitation of Telefónica. (View the criteria in the terms and conditions of participation)


We tell you

The aim

Raise awareness and encourage volunteering actions, as well as act as a catalyser for volunteering initiatives in Spain.


All agents involved in Volunteering can submit an entry for the Awards, either individually, or on behalf of an entity.

The award

The winners will receive a prize of €5,000, which will be reinvested into the type of projects and entities established for each category.

In figures

5 categories

15 finalists

5 winners

5,000 prize