42 Madrid Fundación Telefónica and Fundación ASTI together for the promotion of female STEM talent

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Computational thinking, introduction to electronics or game programming are some of the technologies that the participants will learn about through practical challenges.

One more year, from Fundación Telefónica we continue collaborating in the program ‘STEM Talent Girl’ of ASTI Talent & Tech Foundation with the aim of encouraging the vocation for STEM disciplines in teenagers and women up to 24 years old, students of schools and universities of the Community of Madrid.

The opening day of this new cycle that will run throughout 2024 was attended by the Deputy Minister of Digitalisation of the Community of Madrid, Silvia Roldán, President of ASTI Talent & Tech Foundation and independent member of the Board of Directors of Telefónica, Verónica Pascual, Director of Campus 42 Madrid Fundación Telefónica, Pablo Mateos, and the delegate in Madrid of ASTI Talent & Tech Foundation, Estefanía Serrano.

The free 42 Madrid programming campus will once again become one of the nerve centres of this mentoring programme based on providing female references and developing activities and workshops focused on raising awareness of the various fields of application of STEM, instructing students in subjects such as computational thinking, introduction to electronics, game programming and artificial intelligence applied through the training of algorithms or data science. The dynamics will be developed through a methodology based on challenges, practical and motivating.

The plan of activities organised will have a practical and discovery-oriented approach with which all participants will be able to develop and strengthen key competences for their professional and personal future, such as teamwork, creativity, flexibility and time management.

In addition, during the conference, talks will be given by leading women who develop their professional activity in STEM areas both in organisations and public and private institutions. They will also have the support of mentors from the #GirlsLoveTech programme promoted by Telefónica so that women do not give up their dream of becoming scientists, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, doctors, etc…


Campus 42 Fundación Telefónica, committed to reducing the gender digital divide

This type of initiative is an example of the Foundation’s firm commitment to inclusive digitalisation, helping to reduce the gender digital divide and promote the presence of women in the scientific-technological field.

Through both our digital training programmes and the 42 programming campuses, we work to promote not only digital skills, but also transversal skills such as teamwork, communication and creativity, among others, so that everyone can be active agents of social transformation.

In addition, the 42 programming campuses have different initiatives in place to promote the presence of women. On the one hand, 30% of places are reserved for women in the swimming pools, the on-site entrance exams, and specific training courses are held for them, such as the Piscine Discovery Web, among others.

42 Madrid Fundación Telefónica and Fundación ASTI together for the promotion of female STEM talent
42 Madrid Fundación Telefónica and Fundación ASTI together for the promotion of female STEM talent