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Ready to help. To accompany you. To make your life easier. At Fundación Telefónica, we have adhered to the COVID-19 containment measures and we have temporarily suspended our face to face activities, but we are still here. It is time to think in common, to be solidary and ensure, insofar as is possible, that life follows it course. We are here for you: Helping by bringing you all our training, cultural and digital volunteering resources. We hope that we will return to normality soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget: We are with you digitally, today more than ever.

Our commitment to connect people through technology is now more necessary than ever, so that no-one is left behind. We provide you with the access to all our digital tools and content, free as always, so that during these times you can continue training, entertaining yourself or trying to help a society that is more solidary every day, without leaving the house.


Personalized training for everyone

Perhaps this is a good time to reconsider the future. With the Job Connect MOOCs you have access to free training focused on the current most sought-after professions.  From ‘Introduction Machine Learning’, where you can learn the basic notions of automatic learning ‘Programming with Java Script‘, to bring you closer to one of the most powerful languages of the web environment. You will also be able to learn to use tools such as WordPresscreate ‘apps’design a web with HTML5+CSS, familiarize yourself with another of the most attractive professions of the moment, the web analyst, or immerse yourself into the world of the video games discovering different design techniques, game dynamics and the other phases of video game development.

Job Connect also provides you with the Job Map, an interactive and dynamic tool based on artificial intelligence, which will help you discover the best position for your abilities and the most sought-after professions in your city or province.

As a complement, the Virtual Professional Counsellor will advise you on the necessary training for you to access the most sought-after digital professions in Spain. How does it do it? Using Big Data, the Counsellor ingests and processes a huge amount of information on the most sought-after job offers in the country and the skills they require. It also analyzes the offer of the best online courses on platforms such as Coursera, edX or Udacity. Finally, using a conversational interface, natural language processing and artificial intelligence, the Counsellor converses fluidly and naturally with you to offer you the best content, assess you in a personalized manner and guide you towards your new profession.

If you were participating in any of our Job Connect Launchers, you will know that the face to face activities have been temporarily suspended. The Digital Literacy workshops that started up last week in fifteen Spanish cities have been substituted for online sessions, which are held either in groups or individually, through different platforms and devices. The search for work continues online.

We offer you free online training with MOOC, educational resources and virtual learning platforms for students and teachers.

Digital tools for youngsters

The academic routine of the youngest and their teachers has been disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. In these times, it will be handy for teachers to have online and free educational resources with virtual learning platforms such as, where even the youngest can learn computer sciences in a fun and simple way, through games and tutorials.

Scolartic is another social space for learning and innovation. A place where teachers will find free online courses, didactic proposals, speakers, workshops, talks and all types of resources that will help them make their classes (now virtual) more innovative, entertaining and attractive.

As a support to for teachers, STEMbyme is also available. It is an educational platform where we offer open and free resources that help the over 14s develop and reinforce their skills and competences in science, technology, engineering and arts. The platform also has a STEM channel where the users can learn tricks and tips to improve their STEAM competences.

In addition to online training and accessing our online educational resources, we recommend reflecting on the future of education with the leading experts that attended enlightED. All the conferences from the 2018 and 2019 editions, are available on our YouTube channel.


Digital Culture, without leaving the house

In the Digital Culture area, the COVID-19 has forced us to hang the ‘temporarily closed’ sign up at our Espacio Fundación Telefónica, but we encourage you to continue enjoying its content in different digital formats: whether these are podcasts, our deferred transmissions of talks and activities informal readings on current affairs interviews with relevant personalities who have visited our auditorium in recent months.

Our podcasts: In ‘Encuentros Fundación Telefónica‘ you will hear discussion groups and conferences on neuroscience, history, literature, technology, etc., and all the topics that have been covered by different events in the Espacio. With the sections on ‘Radical Curiosity. The Fuller myth‘, you will find out more about the designer, architect, philosopher and visionary Buckminster Fuller.

If you are more of an audiovisual person, our YouTube channel contains all the deferred transmissions of all the Espacio’s events and activities. From the Telos Encounter with the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Paz Setsuko Thurlow, to the concert by ‘El club de las chicas intrépidas‘ (The intrepid girls club), as well as the programs from each of our cycles such as ‘Hay Vida en Martes‘ (There’s Life on Mars) or ‘Todopoderosos‘ (All powerful) and chats with personalities like Jane GoodallIsabel Allende and Juan Luis Arsuaga. Many relevant personalities have passed through our auditorium, we invite you to get to know them better with our interviews..

For those reading moments you can download all the publications of our Digital Library free of charge. From the Revista Telos to an extensive list of titles that answer many of the questions and challenges posed by the digital era, and invite us to reflect on each one of them.


Digital volunteers: solidarity doesn’t stop

From Telefónica Volunteers we propose that you participate in Online Volunteering, a way of collaborating with the social entities from your own home and taking advantage of the potential of the technology to generate a positive impact on society. This type of volunteering, adapted to the new times we live in, permits the integration of all groups in a digital revolution, implementing solutions through technology and encouraging a responsible use of the technologies. Thanks to the virtual participation of professional volunteers, we are breaking down the space-time barriers between volunteers and organizations, to provide knowledge, skills and experience. An easy, accessible and global way to participate. 

Fundación Telefónica is by your side digitally
Fundación Telefónica is by your side digitally