Most watched

Title Most Watched 6
Author Pablo Rodríguez Canfranc
Date Octubre of 2017
Most Watched 6


This issue of the collection Most Watched addresses the technology based on block chains, better known as blockchain. This is a system of information exchange in a transparent manner for all users who are part of it, and in which no one has a centralized control of data transactions, although they can reject operations that violate their operating rules, which guarantees your safety. Its best-known application is Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency created in 2009; However, many more applications are already being announced in fields as varied as digital music, electronic administration or rental contracts.

Most Watched is a collection of publications aimed to show society the advantages of living in a digital world and the roll of digital culture as a transformation factor, which brings out innovative talent and creativity from the people. Each volume analyzes actual trends related to technology and communication networks, trying to point out apparently ephemeral fashionable topics that might be the spearhead of deep social and economic changes.