#EED2015: Disruptive Education School 2015

The Disruptive Education School (Spanish: EED) is an initiative by Fundación Telefónica for anyone interested in conceiving a different kind of education. Nowadays, there are constant debates and discussions regarding the obsolescence of the current educational system and the need to drive a change in its methods and contents. With this in mind, the EED was born as a space for reflection in which active teachers, students and researchers could put forward the tools needed to put this change of paradigm into practice.

During Disruptive Education School 2015, we will be entering the second edition of the School with the same spirit as in the previous edition, and will focus on the following topics:

#EED2015 – 31 JANUARY

Corporal Pedagogy: We don’t think with our heads – we think with our bodies.

#EED2015 – 28 FEBRUARY

From Rubens to Damien Hirts: contemporary art as a teaching tool. (Past events)

#EED2015 – 28 MARCH

Coming out of the closet: ‘queer’ teaching methods and other ways of approaching people’s identity in formal educational contexts.

#EED2015 – 25 APRIL

(dis)ABILITIES: How to include people with special abilities in the classroom?

#EED2015 – 9 MAY

From textbooks to YouTube, stopping off at Cinexin: audio-visual language as a communication tool in the classroom.

#EED2015 – 13 JUNE

Self-session. A session organised by the EED’s Team of Innovative Teachers.

#EED2015: Disruptive Education School 2015
#EED2015: Disruptive Education School 2015