Fundación Telefónica Volunteering Awards

In its 20th anniversary, Fundación Telefónica wishes to acknowledge and thank the value that volunteering contributes to society. It will do so through the Fundación Telefónica Volunteering Awards, whose goal is to raise awareness and encourage volunteering, as well being a catalyst for volunteering in Spain generally.

  What are the categories for the Awards?

 What are the awards?

 What will the jury assess for their choice?


 What are the requirements?

 Download the participation terms (PDF)

 If selected, you will need to re-send the completed and signed certificate (PDF)


The awards are aimed at rewarding the promotion of volunteering values through their dissemination in the media, its impetus and work in education, and the work carried out by the businesses and charities themselves, since they all make extraordinary contributions to progress and social well-being.

On social media, you can follow all the latest news relating to the awards with the hashtag #VolunteeringAwards.



Participants are media and content authors who stand out because of their reach and value in disseminating and raising awareness of volunteering in Spain.


Aimed at educational centres, universities and non-profit organisations with projects that involve their students in volunteering initiatives.


Category open to non-profit organisations based in Spain and which work at a national or international level.

Inspirational volunteer

Category open to individuals and public or private entities with inspiring community projects in Spain.

Corporate volunteering

Aimed at companies based in Spain that have corporate volunteering programs at a national or international level.


The winner of each category shall receive a €5,000 prize to be invested in a project and organisations relevant to each category. (See participant pack)

The awards will be presented on 4 December 2018, the day before International Volunteer Day. Attendance at the event by the individual or representative of the winning entity will be required to receive an award.


The initiatives will be assessed on four priority scales for the mobilisation of volunteering:

  1. Relevance of volunteers in the organisational framework
    2. Training and support for volunteers
    3. Efficient and effective promotional models and organisation of volunteering
    4. Clear focus of volunteering activity on impact in society.

The Awards Jury will consist of representatives from the Fundación Telefónica and from chosen benchmark institutions from the social, business, and communications associated with volunteering in Spain. There will also be a Technical Committee of experts to support the analysis and pre-selection of candidates for submission to the Jury.

The prize for each of the categories is €5,000.



  1. Read the participation terms.
  2. Prepare the information and documentation you will need to complete the form.
  3. Once you have everything ready, you can fill in the online registration form.


  1. If selected, you will need to re-send this signed certificate (PDF)

*If you have any questions or problems when making your nomination, please contact the Technical Secretariat of the awards at the following email:


– The volunteer projects or programs that are put forward must have started before 1 June 2018. In the event that they have already finished, their end date must be after 31 December 2016. Any publications must have been made or issued between 1 January 2017 and 31 May 2018.
– The candidates (entities or people) put forward must live or be based in Spain.
– Candidates may be nominated for one or more categories, but they may only be receive an award in one.
– Two finalist candidates will be selected per category; the Jury will select the winner for each category from these two finalists.