Telos Magazine
Title Telos 122. Post-truth
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date June of 2023
Telos 122. Post-truth


The term post-truth defines, to a large extent and in a very worrying way, the society in which we live: a social context in which the lie is disguised as plausibility and ends up becoming reality while the truth of the real facts vanishes in the middle. of noise and disorientation in the face of the vertiginousness of the changes.

Traditional practices of information manipulation, misinformation or gross deception take various forms —and misleading in their own name— such as fake news, deepfakes, clickbait... They are nonsense, hoaxes or mere falsehoods that spread and settle in public opinion with speed and an extent unknown up to now, but with the same purpose as always: to condition individual and/or collective decision-making, distort perception and understanding to guide emotions and nullify reasons.

Post-truth is destroyed with respect, with training, with transparency, with responsibility. The construction of the knowledge society and collective intelligence, human and artificial in balance, is a matter that requires collaboration and concerns all social actors, from each citizen to civil society organizations and governments; to the media and digital platforms; to the universities, to the educators and to those who love freedom. This issue of TELOS is a call to that spirit of cooperation.