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Title Smart Cities: a First Step Towards the Internet of Things
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Date October of 2011
Smart Cities: a First Step Towards the Internet of Things


The 21st Century is called to be the Century of Cities. In July 2007 urban population already surpassed rural population in the world and forecasts suggest that by 2050 it will reach almost 70%. Cities have a significant impact on the economic and social development of Nations. They are true platforms where people live and work, where companies carry out their activities and within the framework of which many services are provided. Furthermore, they are major centres of resource consumption. Cities are currently estimated to be responsible for 75% of the world's energy consumption, generating 80% of greenhouse gases. In this scenario, showing an urban environment with an increasing demand for efficiency, sustainable development, quality of life and the wise management of resources, public administrations are required to consider an evolution in their city management models. For this purpose, the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is essential and translates into the Smart City concept, which provides a glimpse, with its services, into the so-called Internet of things and the Internet of the future.