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Title New citizenships of Spaniards in Mexico
Author María Luisa Capella and Noemí Sastre de Diego (coordinators)
Date Mayo of 2016
New citizenships of Spaniards in Mexico


The Historical Memory Act of 2007, which recognizes and expands the rights of the victims of the Civil War and dictatorship in Spain, had effects outside that country. One of them was the arrival in the Spanish consulates in the world of thousands of applications for citizenship of the descendants of exiles who were forced to leave their homeland for political and economic reasons. Such was the case of the Consulate General in Mexico.

This study, conducted by the Ateneo Español de México A.C, with the support of Fundación Telefónica and the Center for Studies of Migration and Exiles at the Centro de Estudios de Migraciones y Exilios of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia de España (UNED), is based on data provided by the Consulate General of Spain in Mexico to address this situation from different perspectives: historical, sociological, legal ... and to establish the profile of the new Spaniards who adopted the nationality for political or economic reasons.