Title Giants of Education
Author Lola García-Ajofrín
Date April of 2017
Giants of Education


This book presents the stories of “giants” of education around the world, people who faced the educational situation in different countries and contexts aiming to lead innovative projects to improve education.

Among many others, some of these giants of education are people as Farida Hamidi, an Afghan teacher who after the Taliban period founded the first school for girls of her region; Antonio, “Gibi”, a boxer coach who fights against truancy in a favela of Rio de Janeiro; Roland Legiardi-Laura, a film maker from New York who stirs young people from The Bronx with pedagogical poetry; Birgy Lorenz, a robotics Estonian teacher; Dejene, “Izzy”, an Ethiopian reggae singer who transformed Addis Abeba neighborhood with a skateboard, and the former students from the school for black children of Farmville, Virginia, today septuagenarians, who brought down racial segregation in schools of the USA.