SDIE reports
Title Digital Society in Spain 2018
Author Fundación Telefónica
Date March of 2019
Digital Society in Spain 2018


Fundación Telefónica analyzes the progress of infrastructures and digital services in Spain every year. The result is the report Digital Society in Spain, which not only includes the most relevant sectoral indicators, but also takes into account the social impact of digitization.

The 2018 edition highlights the role of broadband, both fixed and mobile, in the process of digitization, and how citizens and companies gradually adopt technology and network services as daily elements present in their day a day. As in previous occasions, the report presents those milestones and trends that have stood out in the year, such as the arrival of smart assistants, the prominence acquired by fake news, the entry into force in Europe of the General Data Protection Regulation or the proliferation in the factories of collaborative robots, among many others.