Title Contemporary Photography in the Telefónica Collection
Author Telefonica Foundation
Date Febrero of 2014
Contemporary Photography in the Telefónica Collection


With this exhibition organised by Fundación Telefónica, a multimedia application has been developed which will be a useful tool for exploring part of the photographic archives of the Telefónica Collection through the work of 57 nationally and internationally renowned artists, such as Bleda and Rosa, Joan Fontcuberta, Javier Vallhonrat, John Baldessari, Bernd&Hilla Becher, Hannah Collins, Andreas Gursky, Vik Muniz, Richard Prince, Tomas Ruff, Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall and more.

The content of the application includes texts by María de Corral and Ramón Esparza, the exhibition curator, 57 commented works, four galleries with more than 300 images and, as an audio-visual support, a video showing the assembly of the exhibition at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, the curator's approach and comments, and information on the Telefónica photograph collection.