Exhibition Guides

Title Bill Viola
Author Various authors
Date Enero of 2020
Bill Viola


This guide is aimed at all those interested in finding out more about the Bill Viola. Mirrors of the Unseen exhibition. In it we ask a series of questions, select a number of pieces and suggest some activities which you can do before or after your visit, making it an educational aid for families, young people, teachers and the public in general.

Known as the “Rembrandt of video art”, Bill Viola has a five decade long artistic career behind him that has allowed him to explore subject matters such as life, death, spirituality – the human condition, in fact – through video technology. From his experimental beginnings in which he discovered the possibilities that electronic imaging and the manipulation of time could offer in videos in which he cast himself, to ambitious productions with actors and incredible camera effects, Viola was able to connect to the intimate emotional world of his audience which saw his work both in museums– which he considered to be the new religious spaces of our times – and in churches, cathedrals and other historic buildings.