Educating technological innovators in Chile

Innovación Modular Educativa Técnológica (Modular Educational Technological Innovation #IMET) is the name of the project through which we promote technological and teaching tools to develop STEM abilities and 21st century skills among pupils in the 1st to 4th middle grade cycles.

Through key areas such as robotics, teamwork, programming, project methodologies, prototyping and design techniques, students and teachers will progress through learning modules until they have completed on average 60 hours for 1st and […]


Fundación Telefónica wins the Fomento Award 2016

Along with our organization, Colegios de Fomento distinguished the Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos (Spanish Federation of Food Banks) and the NGO Harambee.

On Saturday 12 March, Fundación Telefónica received the Fomento Award 2016 along with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks and the NGO Harambee. These awards recognize the work of people or organizations which […]

We take Kiran Sethi’s “I Can” attitude to Spain and Latin America

Trusting children as agents of social change, involving them in the search for solutions to social problems from their schooldays, spreading the ‘I Can’ virus to them as founder Kiran Bir Sethi, of Indian origin, likes to say. This is Design for Change, a movement established in more than 35 countries which, with the help of Fundación Telefónica, will reach Spain and six more countries in Latin America - Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Uruguay.

The Executive Vice-President of Fundación Telefónica, Emilio Gilolmo, and the founder of Design For Change, Kiran Bir Seth, have signed a partnership agreement through which the educational methodology will be implemented in schools […]


Fundación Telefónica Mexico takes part in the Technology Alliance for Good

With the aim of promoting the adoption and use of technology in civil society organizations (CSOs), a Technology Alliance for Good was signed by María Angélica Luna Parra, Head of INDESOL; Raúl Rafael Anaya Núñez, General Manager of the Professionalization of Social Care at DIF; Juan Carlos Rico Campos, General Manager of Youth Wellbeing and Engagement at IMJUVE; Jorge Silva Luján, General Manager of Microsoft; and Jorge Vega Iracelay, Senior Director of Legal and Corporate Matters and Philanthropy at Microsoft Mexico.

Technology is something that enables CSOs to improve their operating efficiency, increase their fundraising capacity and, most importantly, ensure their actions have a bigger impact for the benefit of society; for this reason, […]


We present the book on our 20 years of social, educational and cultural action in Peru

With an investment of over 320 million soles, Fundación Telefónica has benefited thousands of children, teenagers, teachers and families, driving the development of Peruvian society through education, especially the more disadvantaged communities.

To commemorate our 20 years of social, educational and cultural action in Peru, we published a book entitled 20 Years of Fundación Telefónica in Peru, a record of the programmes that have had […]