Mapcesible. Make what’s accessible visible!

The collaborative app where anyone can map accessibility in Spain.

Does the museum have a lift? Does the restaurant have a toilets adapted for people with disabilities?, Does the beach have an access ramp?… these and many other questions are what thousands of people ask themselves every day before leaving the house. In the face of this reality, Mapcesible is born, a collaborative accessibility App promoted by the Fundación Telefónica with the support of COCEMFE.

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Under the slogan Make what’s accessible visible, Mapcesible is born with the goal of being a collaborative platform where any person, with or without reduced mobility, can map the accessibility of the places they visit, or see reviews to plan their daily journeys. This makes it possible to quickly find accessible places in Spain, facilitating the day-to-day lives of people with reduced mobility through technology.

The collaborative platform offers information about accessible places such as cinemas, theatres, restaurants, accommodation, and public spaces such as beaches, car parks, and sporting arenas. As well as places uploaded by the users of the App themselves, databases from official bodies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and Town Councils have been included using various technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and geolocation for the benefit of society.

Mapcesible is a project born from the collaboration of more than 700 Telefónica Volunteers. Cutting-edge technology at the service of society.

Aware that accessibility is everybody’s problem, Telefónica Volunteers identified a problem where technology could play a key role. It was through Willy and the Lester Centre where rehabilitation workshops were taking place for people who had lost mobility due to illness. It was there that they saw the seed of the App and quickly joined forces to create something big together: Mapcesible.

From there, more than 700 Telefónica volunteers joined the challenge and mapped the accessibility of places in our country during their holidays and free time.

The technology to turn people into digital volunteers

Another of the Mapcesible keys is that it is open to society as a whole, allowing anyone to become a digital volunteer and collaborate with accessibility by mapping new places.

Users will have to register with their email and answer a series of simple questions that will allow them to quickly enter how accessible a place is, thus collaboratively assessing the accessibility of any place in Spain.

Mapcesible is already available on mobile devices for the two most widespread platforms (iOS and Android) and via the web from any device.

Collaborate by mapping the accessibility of the places you visit throughout Spain, and help thousands of people with reduced mobility. Click by click, together we can make their lives easier.