Fundación Telefónica's publications are in digital format, so that research on technology and society are just one click away from everyone and free of charge. Our publications are the result of our research work, specialised workshops and discussions on the impact of ICT on the various sectors of society: education, finance and health, among others. On this website you can find all our books, and you can download full versions of many of them in PDF or EPUB formats and many are now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. To view the spanish content click here.

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The Information Society in Spain 2005 

Diciembre de 2005

This report analyses the current level of development of the Information Society in Spain by gathering and analysing the most recently available indicators. In addition, in the most novel areas in which the use of…

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Transformations. The Spain of the 1920s in Telefónica's Photographic Archives 

Octubre de 2005

In its early years, during the mid-1920's, Telefónica decided to undertake the difficult task of documenting, through photographs and film, what was to be a profound technological, and consequently historical revolution in Spain at the…

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Cubism and its Surroundings in the Telefónica Collections 

Enero de 2005

A catalogue of the exhibition 'Cubism and its Surroundings in the Telefónica Collections', with texts by César Alierta, Irma Arestizábal, Simón Marchán Fiz, Eugenio Carmona, Lola Jiménez-Blanco, Carmen Bernárdez, Isabel García, Jaime Vallcorba, Robert Lubar,…

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