Fundación Telefónica's publications are in digital format, so that research on technology and society are just one click away from everyone and free of charge. Our publications are the result of our research work, specialised workshops and discussions on the impact of ICT on the various sectors of society: education, finance and health, among others. On this website you can find all our books, and you can download full versions of many of them in PDF or EPUB formats and many are now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. To view the spanish content click here.

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Telos 109 


Fundación Telefónica
Septiembre de 2018

Number 109 is the second of the new era of the veteran magazine TELOS. This publication has modernized its design, it has been deployed in the digital environment with a live and participative web page…

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Telos 108 

Digital Human 

Fundación Telefónica
Noviembre de 2017

This number marks the beginning of a new stage of TELOS magazine, which modernizes its design, is deployed in the digital environment with a new web page, lively, participatory and with native content that complements…

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TELOS 107 

Young People and Social Networks 

Fundación Telefónica
Julio de 2017

This number of Telos magazine tackles an inseparable binomial: young people and social networks. During a decade of existence, social networks changed the way everyone communicates, but young people became their most faithful users. Today…

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TELOS 106 

The Digital Future of Music 

Juan Calvi and Héctor Fouce
Febrero de 2017

This issue of Telos magazine tackles the changes taking place in the digital music industry and its deep social and economic implications. It shows an interdisciplinary approach which brings together theoretical reflections and empirical research,…

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TELOS 105 

Smart Cities 

Emilio Ontiveros and Diego Vizcaíno (coord.)
Octubre de 2016

Parting from a multidisciplinary point of view, this issue of Telos magazine deals with Smart Cities and it includes several investigations and reflections about the huge challenges posed by big urban centers, now and in…

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TELOS 104 

The Future of Books in the Digital Age 

Javier Celaya (coord.)
Junio de 2016

The dossier number 104 of Telos is dedicated to the new possibilities offered by the book and reading in the new digital environments, and the new demands that have arisen among readers for whom the…

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TELOS 103 

Creative Environments 

Hipólito Vivar Zurita (coord.)
Febrero de 2016

This dossier explores ways of experimentation and collaborative learning arising from ICTs, proposing a new model of business ecosystem for cultural industries, based on the intelligent use of instruments made available by technology, along with…

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TELOS 102 

Tourism, Legacy and NICT 

Enrique Bustamante and Jesús Prieto de Pedro (coords.)
Octubre de 2015

In this number, ten authors, researchers and experts, coordinated by Jesús Prieto and Enrique Bustamante, which are two renowned analysts on the social roll of culture, reflect about the potentiality of digital NICTs and their…

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TELOS 101 

Higher Education: Digital Mutation 

Antonio Rodríguez de las Heras and Alejandro Tiana (Coords.)
Junio de 2015

ICTs are deeply transforming universities and making them change the teaching methods they have been using for centuries. This dossier proposes much more than digital equipment or specific tools as MOOCs and demands the complete…

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TELOS 100. 

Digital Era: Stock Taking and Trends 

Marzo de 2015

This special number marks two anniversaries: TELOS is 30 years and 100 numbers old. We celebrate three decades in which TELOS has turned into a reference point in Spain and Latin America concerning thought related…

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