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Valor económico del español

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Atlas of the Spanish Language 

Third Edition 

Francisco Moreno Fernández
November of 2016

"The third edition of the Atlas of the Spanish Language aims, as the first and the second did, to provide a graphical and entertaining view of the situation of Spanish in the richness and diversity…

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Language, Enterprise and Market 

Did Spanish Language Help Internationalization? 

José Luis García Delgado, José Antonio Alonso and Juan Carlos Jiménez
November of 2015

"This work, which presents a complete view of the roll of language in the economy´s internationalization process, ends Fundación Telefónica´s research project The Economic Value of Spanish. The project amounts fourteen volumes published since 2007…

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The Economic Value of Spanish 

José Luis García Delgado, José Antonio Alonso y Juan Carlos Jiménez
December of 2014

"The growing economic entity of Spanish as a language of international communication, serves as a starting point for an extensive study which has been promoted since 2006 by Fundación Telefónica under the broad heading: ‘The…

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The Future of Spanish in the United States 

José Antonio Alonso, Jorge Durand y Rodolfo Gutiérrez
December of 2014

"U.S. leadership will be a strong factor in the persistence of Spanish in its midst as a living language will be a powerful factor in the strengthening of the language on the international stage. In…

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Spanish, Language of Scientific Communication 

Coords. José Luis García Delgado, José Antonio Alonso and Juan Carlos Jiménez
November of 2013

"This, the twelfth work issued as part of the project, The Economic Value of Spanish, sponsored by Fundación Telefónica, is dedicated to the analysis of Spanish as a scientific language. The book is in three…

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The Spanish Language in International Economic Flows 

October of 2011

"We have an asset, a language: Spanish, wich connects over 400 million people around the world, and which is translated in the higher levels of trade and business presence, through direct investment among our countries.…

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The Economy of Cultural Industries in Spanish 

September of 2011

"The Arts and Letters have always had significant economic consequences, both in terms of business organization and in terms of private or Governmental patronage. Throughout the 20th century, technological advances resulted in mass production and…

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Language and Information and Communication Technologies 

August of 2010

"There is hardly any background bibliography concerning the study of the relationship between Language and Information and Communication Technologies in economic literature. This book has chosen to delve into two aspects: on one hand, the…

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The Spanish Language on the Internet 

April of 2010

"This work falls within the research project promoted by Fundación Telefónica on the economic value of Spanish as a language: a multinational company. This volume addresses the most important aspects that derive from the mass…

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Migration and Language. The Role of the Spanish in International Migration 

February of 2010

"This work is part of a research project promoted by Telefónica Foundation entitled Economic Value of Spanish: a multinational company. In this case study is about the effect that a language like Spanish have in…

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