Fundación Telefónica's publications are in digital format, so that research on technology and society are just one click away from everyone and free of charge. Our publications are the result of our research work, specialised workshops and discussions on the impact of ICT on the various sectors of society: education, finance and health, among others. On this website you can find all our books, and you can download full versions of many of them in PDF or EPUB formats and many are now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. To view the spanish content click here.

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Millennials. The Entrepreneur Generation 

José María Álvarez Monzoncillo and Guillermo de Haro (coord.)
July of 2017

"The book analyzes the different characteristics of the Millennial Generation, topics such as the way they consume information, their training level, their attitude towards unemployment and the new ways of working, etc. Special attention is…

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Looking for Women Engineers, Physicists and Technologists 

Why Aren´t There No More Women in STEM Fields? 

Milagros Sáinz (coord.)
June of 2017

"This book analyzes why there are so few women who study and work in STEM fields. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The report is made up of three studies which are based…

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Youtubers and Other Species 

The phenomenon that changed the way we understand audiovisual content 

Millán I. Berzosa
May of 2017

"Youtubers and Other Species is an approximation to the reality behind the success of Youtube, the Internet site which has changed the way audiovisual content is made and viewed. It is an opportunity to understand…

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The EDUkits of the Disruptive Education School 

A Self-publishing Handbook for Restless Teachers 

Clara Megías
March of 2017

"An EDUkit is a series of educational contents that try to surprise pupils in order to gather their interest and motivation. This guide is ment to inspire teachers to self-publish their first EDUkit. The book…

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The Cities of the Future: Intelligent, Digital and Sustainable 

Emilio Ontiveros, Diego Vizcaíno and Verónica López Sabater
March of 2017

"This work assesses the future challenges that cities around the world face and the need of digital transformation and of integration of traditional processes and infrastructures into new “intelligent” and “wired” processes, that make possible…

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History of Telefónica: 1976-2000 

Telecommunications in Democratic Spain 

Ángel Calvo
January of 2017

"Following the first issue of Telefónica´s history, which covers from the founding of the company up to the 1970s, this volume tells the story from the end of the 70s to the beginning of the…

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Language Technologies in Spain 

Smart Communication Between Humans and Machines 

Ángel Luis Gonzalo (coord.)
December of 2016

"Fundación Telefónica and the Instituto para la Promoción de las Tecnologías de la Lengua (Institute for the Promotion of Language Technologies) launched this study which shows the highs and the lows of the development and…

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Technology that Changed History 

Miguel Vergara y José Manuel Huidobro
December of 2016

"This book tells us the history of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), explaining the principal scientific and technical elements underlying telecommunication services, from primitive telegraphy to the digital world in which we live now where…

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Millennials in Latin America 

A View from Ecuador 

Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí
December of 2016

"The Millennial Generation is more than a definition based on the age of its members: it represents one of the most influential and of greater demographic weight of the world. In Latin America, Millennials account…

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Digital Narratives 

Johanna Ángel Reyes, Joseba Buj, Ivonne Lonna (coord.)
November of 2016

"Unexpected. Digital Narratives is more than a compilation of articles about the new and changing world of digital narrative. It also tackles such diverse topics as the different digital specialties, the curation of hypertexts, interaction…

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