Fundación Telefónica's publications are in digital format, so that research on technology and society are just one click away from everyone and free of charge. Our publications are the result of our research work, specialised workshops and discussions on the impact of ICT on the various sectors of society: education, finance and health, among others. On this website you can find all our books, and you can download full versions of many of them in PDF or EPUB formats and many are now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. To view the spanish content click here.

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Annual Report 2018 

Fundación Telefónica 

Fundación Telefónica
Julio de 2019

This is the annual report of Fundación Telefónica 2018. A whole year of satisfaction: exhibitions full of visitors, debates, workshops, an employability program that has grown exponentially and is today a reference for those seeking…

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Tech & Society 2018 

A forum to think about the future of the technological society 

Marzo de 2019

In order to give a positive orientation to innovations and minimize the risks of technological progress, it is necessary to develop spaces for reflection and debate, such as Tech & Society, promoted in 2017 by…

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50 Strategies for 2050 

Work and Digital Revolution in Spain 

Abril de 2018

This report analyzes the effects that technological changes associated with the digital revolution may have in Spain, with special attention to those that affect the world of work. The publication proposes 50 strategies with an…

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Tech & Society 

A forum to think about the future of the technological society 

Febrero de 2018

The goal of the Tech & Society program, which was born under the auspices of Fundación Telefónica and Aspen Institute Spain, is to ask questions about how to face the future, and propose some answers.…

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The Data Economy 

Wealth 4.0 

Emilio Ontiveros (dir.) y Verónica López Sabater (coord.)
Febrero de 2018

The Data Economy is becoming an accelerated step in a new paradigm, and the data in a raw material that is revolutionizing the way in which we solve problems today, we face the questions that…

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Ten Years That Changed Media 2007-2017 

Bernardo Díaz Nosty (coord.)
Diciembre de 2017

The years of crisis have changed many features of the media industry, its contents and its consumption, but also new participants have arrived and new communication practices have arised which have nothing to do with…

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How Do We Read in the Digital Society? 

Readers, Booktubers and Prosumers 

Francisco Cruces (Dir.), Gemma Lluch, Remedios Zafra, Julián López García, Gloria G. Durán, Jorge Moreno Andrés, Romina Colombo, Nuria Esteban, Anna Esteve, Virginia Calvo and Maite Monar
Septiembre de 2017

The reading landscape is changing rapidly. Nevertheless, books are no longer in danger of disappearing and are coming alive again driven by the reinvention of reading which arises from the use of the devices and…

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Millennials. The Entrepreneur Generation 

José María Álvarez Monzoncillo and Guillermo de Haro (coord.)
Julio de 2017

The book analyzes the different characteristics of the Millennial Generation, topics such as the way they consume information, their training level, their attitude towards unemployment and the new ways of working, etc. Special attention is…

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Looking for Women Engineers, Physicists and Technologists 

Why Aren´t There No More Women in STEM Fields? 

Milagros Sáinz (coord.)
Junio de 2017

This book analyzes why there are so few women who study and work in STEM fields. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The report is made up of three studies which are based…

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Youtubers and Other Species 

The phenomenon that changed the way we understand audiovisual content 

Millán I. Berzosa
Mayo de 2017

Youtubers and Other Species is an approximation to the reality behind the success of Youtube, the Internet site which has changed the way audiovisual content is made and viewed. It is an opportunity to understand…

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