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At Fundación Telefónica, we are driving digital education and training for jobs to provide a response to the needs of an ever changing professional environment.

The digital revolution carries with it a change of paradigm which is generating advances in all areas which until a short time ago were unthinkable, especially in the area of new employability. The opportunities for finding work nowadays require a new training model that adapts to the employability needs of the 21st century. New professions require 100% digital training with approaches designed for a VUCA environment, whereas traditional professions from all sectors need to transform to be able to benefit from the opportunities provided by digitalisation, which are gradually becoming part of the business sector.

At Fundación Telefónica we have spent more than 20 years driving digital education and training for employment to provide a response to the needs of this changing environment. Our employability projects are present in ten countries in Latin America and Spain, where we provide training in the professional skills and profiles required by the digital economy and the incorporation of digital skills and education for the new professions.

In Employability, we are working on projects to improve employability and promote the technological vocations, such as 42 Fundación Telefónica (42 Madrid y 42 Sao Paulo) and Job Connect.

We are creating and providing society with pioneering tools, based on AI and Big Data, which boost training and serve as a guide for acquiring the skills and abilities that these digital profiles require, such as the Job Map and our Virtual Professional Counsellor.

The road towards Digital Employability

One of our main projects is 42. 42 Madrid and 42 Sao Paulo are currently operational. A methodology that goes beyond the programming of an innovative and disruptive pedagogical model, which arrives from the hand of Fundación Telefónica to connect with the new employability. A philosophy that is based on the learning to learn concepts, at your own pace. 42 is free, face-to-face and open 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. No qualifications or prior training are required, just an attitude of self-learning, self-improvement, effort, etc.

Through our other large project Job Connect, we include a variety of initiatives in digital training in Europe and Latin America, in partnership with different social agents and institutions, to improve the digital skills of the unemployed or those that want to improve their employability.

The Job Connect Launchers, our range of free MOOC training or initiatives for promoting employment in vulnerable groups are some of these initiatives. In the last year we have also included projects that promote digital reskilling or recycling required by the active professionals of any sector. It is with this in mind that we have started initiatives with FUNDAE or CEOE that prepare society for lifelong learning and to increase their value within the digital market.

Virtual Counsellor and Employment Map

All our actions are based on decisions made using these Data. To do so, we are using Big Data and AI in our decision processes and making the Job Map available to all society; this is an interactive tool that analyses the current most sought after digital professions and skills in each province. And to complement this, Fundación Telefónica’s Virtual Professional Counsellor, which is based on cognitive technology, discovers the most suitable profession for each person and the training they need.

Using our Employability projects, we can anticipate this changing scenario, seeking to reduce the digital divide, providing future opportunities and making the most of the potential of technology as a lever for progress and training in the 21st century, a digital revolution which must be available to all people so that nobody is left behind.

Use the Virtual Professional Counsellor to check which profession you are most suited to, and how to train for it.

Browse the Job Map and discover which professions and skills are most sought after in each province.


We connect you with the new job reality
We connect you with the new job reality