The exhibition “Media Art: Ecology from Digital Art” opened in Caracas

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Through to 25 October, the work of six international and four Venezuelan artists will be on show to raise people’s awareness – creatively – about the changes taking place in the environment by means of concepts that combine art and technology.

Caracas, 1 October 2015. Fundación Telefónica opened the exhibition entitled “Media Art: Ecology from Digital Art” on Thursday 1 October in the exhibition rooms of the B.O.D. Cultural Centre which will be open to the public until 25 October.

In her welcome address, Valentina Ríos, the General Manager of Fundación Telefónica, explained: “This exhibition is structured around the work of the six winners of the ‘X Monographic Media Art Exhibition: Ecology from Digital Art’ which was organized in May 2014 by Fundación Telefónica and the University of Caldas de Manizales, Colombia. The competition was aimed at artists and scientists around the world who were asked to prepare a monograph and a piece of artwork that put forward a solution to an environmental problem in a creative way, thus uniting art and technology.”

At the exhibition, visitors can admire the work of the six Latin American artists who won the competition: Brunno Viana (Brazil), Claudia González (Chile), Francisco Navarrete (Chile), Ricardo Dal Farra (Argentina), Julio Velasco (Colombia) and Patricia Domínguez (Chile), who were selected by a panel of experts made up of representatives of the two institutions that organized the competition. The show also includes the works of four Venezuelan artists whose work also echoes the theme of the project:

Nan González, Antonio Briceño, Muu Blanco and Iván Candeo, curated by Félix Suazo.

“The exhibition and the book Ecology from Digital Art form part of the Contemporary Culture programme of Fundación Telefónica which we have been developing to promote learning by incorporating the latest technological trends applied to art. So far we have held 16 exhibitions which have been visited by more than 40,000 people both in Caracas and other regions of the country since 2011, the year we started rolling out the programme in Venezuela”, says Ríos.

Anacristina Tkachenko, the General Manager of the B.O.D. Culture Centre, highlighted the fact that this exhibition raises the awareness of people living in the Venezuelan capital of the need to give some serious thought to the environment. “We are delighted to be able to foster this approach through art and we would like to thank Fundación Telefónica for renewing this alliance so we can promote cultural events together in Venezuela.”

The exhibition “Media Art: Ecology from Digital Art”  opened in Caracas
The exhibition “Media Art: Ecology from Digital Art” opened in Caracas