Telos 113. Live conversations with some of its authors

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The launch of the new issue of the Telos Magazine is accompanied with a schedule of interviews with several of its authors. Under the heading ‘Sustainability: models for a society with a future’, will present the new leaderships that will have to lead the industrial, cultural, social and personal revolution that we are designing and that now, out of necessity, will be produced as a consequence of Covid-19.


Issue 113 includes the proposals for a sustainable society, with a future, from different perspectives: economic, social, employment, educational, environmental, etc. When preparations for this edition commenced, the authors analyzed and proposed measures for a calm change. The pandemic forced us to rethink the calendar and the priorities. In particular, Covid-19 obliges us to take decisions to correct our errors and begin building a future in which the already evident threats to humanity disappear.

The 17 objectives of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development constitute a universal call to action. The Talos Magazine joins this movement with an issue full of hope, albeit critical, with the aim of conforming a new social contract, a new global agreement in favor of a society with a future.

We will discuss this with authors that have participated in issue 113 of the Talos Magazine.



– Wednesday, April 29. ‘Disinformation and sustainability of democratic systems’. With Marc Amorós, journalist, screenwriter and director of TV programs. [VIEW VIDEO OF THE CHAT]

– Monday, May 4. ‘Where sustainability begins: dialogue between what is inherent and what is not’. With Almudena Solana, founder of Fabric Poetry, novelist and visual artist.

– Monday, May 11. ‘A critical look at the SDGs from the perspective of information technologies and the Internet’. With Jorge Pérez, Professor at ETSIT and coordinator of IGF.

– Monday, May 18. ‘The dreams of the Spanish science fiction writers’. With Covadonga González-Poga, writer and editorial consultant. Editor and founder of the Tinta Púrpura school of writing.

– Monday, May 25. ‘The limitless office’. With Óscar García, director and CEO of First Workplaces. One of the pioneers in the concept of the flexible office and corporative coworking.

– Monday, June 1. ‘Training is becoming virtual. Teachers: adapt’. With Marga Cabrera, lecturer at the UPV, Head of the Masters in Content and Legal Aspects of the Information Society and the Observatorio Project on new media in Spanish. Co-Director of the Comunica2 conference.

– Monday, June 8. ‘The wonderful 20s: Keys for a new economy aligned with the Agenda 2030′. With Diego Isabel La Moneda. Director of the NESI Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation.

Telos 113. Live conversations with some of its authors
Telos 113. Live conversations with some of its authors