Successful turnout at the free cybersecurity bootcamp 42

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Discover the keys to the success of the free cybersecurity bootcamps, designed to improve your digital skills in digital security.


The first edition of the free cybersecurity bootcamp hosted by the 42 programming campus has opened its doors with resounding success. The initial places have been doubled due to the positive reception of this call for applications, in which more than 210 people will acquire digital skills in security, one of the technological areas with the greatest professional prospects.

The bootcamp, which takes place simultaneously at our 42 programming campuses in Madrid, Málaga, Barcelona and Urduliz, has been designed by experts in the field from Telefónica Tech and has been launched with the aim of providing attendees with the necessary skills to specialise in one of the fastest growing industries in the digital market.

The training is based on the methodology that programming campuses 42 usually apply:

  • No teachers
  • Fostering peer-to-peer learning and gamification
  • No books
  • Completely free

This bootcamp has more than 74 students from the programming campuses themselves and more than 130 people from outside 42 who, after a series of tests in which they have demonstrated their knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, have obtained a place to attend the bootcamp.

Over the 8-week training period, students will improve their digital skills through technical knowledge related to:

  • Cryptography
  • Network security
  • Secure development and protection
  • Web security
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Computer forensics
  • Malware and malicious code
  • OSINT security and open source research

Furthermore, they will be trained following the 42 methodology of peer-to-peer learning, at their own pace and without teachers.

At Fundación Telefónica, thanks to our 42 programming campuses and Telefónica Tech, we have launched this training edition with the aim of training people free of charge in one of the areas that, in this digital era, has become vital in all sectors of the economy and society.

What are the 42 programming campuses?

42 is:

– A learning method that is completely different from the traditional educational model.

– A programming campus which opens the door to peer-to-peer training, with no teachers, books or classes.

– A completely free model, open to people over 18 years of age and with no prior knowledge or qualifications.

It is a student-oriented model both in digital skills, the most in demand today, as well as the popular so-called ‘soft skills’: resilience and adaptation to change, frustration tolerance, creativity and, above all, teamwork, among many others.

But that is not all. 42 is a philosophy, a revolution that breaks all the paradigms of education. At 42, the students are the main actors in their own learning (step by step and free of charge).

Our 42 campuses in MadridBarcelonaMálaga and Urduliz offer the necessary tools to cope with all the technological changes that anyone is likely to face in the course of their career. At 42, you “learn to learn” by developing the ability to adapt and find solutions to problems based on current knowledge and tools.

Thanks to self-learning and colleagues. Its gamified methodology allows students to pass levels and acquire the technical and transversal skills that companies are demanding.

Not only do you learn programming, cyber security, design, blockchain, etc, but also communication, leadership, frustration tolerance, teamwork…

42 is considered one of the most innovative programming campuses in the world and is ranked among the Top Ten universities in the world with the highest level of education, opening the door to a new way of building the future and being professionally prepared for all the challenges that are yet to come.

Successful turnout at the free cybersecurity bootcamp 42
Successful turnout at the free cybersecurity bootcamp 42