Skills and salaries for the most in-demand jobs in 2023

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With the start of a new year always comes the same concerns about the world of work, especially in the ever-changing world of technology. IT jobs are undoubtedly the most in-demand, so let’s take a look at the skills and salaries of the most in-demand positions over the past year to see what’s likely to happen in the new year 2024.

According to our Employment Map, the most sought-after digital profession in 2023 in Spain was Software Developer with more than 12,200 job offers published. In second place, we find the Digital Project Manager profile, with more than 9,000 job offers. And in third place is ICT Professional Technician, with nearly 7,500 job offers.

Digital skills of the Software Developer, Digital Project Manager or ICT Technical Professional


The digital skills for the Software Developer profile include the design, development, testing and maintenance of software for various applications. According to Fundación Telefónica’s Employment Map, in 2023, the most sought-after digital skills for this profile were:

  1. Java in a total of 5928 vacancies.
  2. Spring Framework in about 3100 vacancies
  3. JavaScript in 2519 published vacancies.

In addition, these professionals must have a high level of understanding of frameworks and tools, both for the frontend and backend. You can find job offers for programmers and software developers on the job portal

The Digital Project Manager profile is not only one of the most in-demand, but also one of those requiring the greatest technical specialisation. According to data from our Employment Map, the three digital skills most sought after by companies in this type of professional were:

  1. Scrum in a total of 572 vacancies.
  2. Java in around 550 job vacancies
  3. Cloud computing in 546 vacancies.

In addition to these skills, people who want to specialise as digital project managers must have a high level of leadership and the ability to communicate efficiently with technical teams. Knowledge of digital marketing or SEO, as well as the ability to interpret data for decision-making, is essential in these profiles.

The position of ICT Technical Professional includes technical support and micro-computing as essential skills. The most sought-after skills in this type of profile, according to the Job Map, have been in 2023:

  1. Communication networks required in 872 vacancies.
  2. Microcomputing present in 820 vacancies
  3. Microsoft Office required in around 700 vacancies.

For this type of professional, it is a plus to add knowledge such as cybersecurity, network management or administration of operating systems such as Linux or Windows Server. This role is fundamental in companies as they are positions aimed at technical assistance and support for IT problems.

If you are thinking of acquiring technological training in any of the aforementioned profiles, you have the Virtual Career Advisor who, free of charge, will recommend the right training for you.


What were the highest paid IT jobs in 2023?

Just because a profession is the most in-demand does not mean it is the best paid. If you want to know the best paid jobs this year, we show you the data obtained from the employment report that analyses the average salary of all the job offers published.


IT Architect44,800 – 55,800 €
Digital Project Manager42,500 – 53,900 €
DevOps37,500 – 50,300 €
Big Data Specialist33,900 – 46,900 €
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning37,900 – 46,600 €
Cybersecurity37,200 – 45,200 €
Software Developer32,300 – 42,300 €
ICT technical professional21,000 – 26,100 €

Skills and salaries for the most in-demand jobs in 2023
Skills and salaries for the most in-demand jobs in 2023