Rekréalo: 100 Spanish young people and 7 proposals to change education

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In mid-September, the Espacio Fundación Telefónica of Madrid hosted the event Rekréalo, aimed at revolutionizing education in our country. It was co-organized by Pangea and Fundación Telefónica. For the first time, the event attracted 100 young people from all over Spain, to redefine the concept of education and transform a system that has come to a standstill and does not develop talent and creativity.

For two days, important speakers attended Rekréalo, such as Guzmán López, pedagogue and author of the book “Explorando el Kilimanjaro”, Natália Ortega, a young entrepreneur and CEO of two companies, and Fabián León, winner of Masterchef. They shared their experience and debated their position in today’s educational system. Workshops and work sessions were also carried out, to promote the creativity and development of participants, who contributed ideas and performed team work presenting their proposals for the growth and future of education.

These sessions resulted in a list of 7 key concepts for a more efficient education, adapted to the demands of the labour market.

Integrate education contents with the use of technologies, widening pedagogic possibilities and maximizing scope.
Create a system based on training useful skills, adapted to the current needs of the labour market.

Enhance knowledge learning in accordance with the interest of students, in order to make the most of their skills in their field of development.

Train citizens, not students. As education is an issue for all of society, it should be done through a cooperative system, that requires the involvement of the school, family and community.

Focus institutional leadership on pedagogy and away from bureaucracy, creating a structure that is aimed much more on students and their needs.

Develop the creativity of students and educate emotional intelligence, to manage emotions that will lead to much more balanced decision-making.

Introduce a system focused on the internationalization of knowledge through practice, in order to train people to face problems in the real world and provide innovative solutions with criteria.

Pangea and Fundación Telefónica will take the proposals to the Ministry of Education, in order to record the opinion of young people regarding what they consider a universal right. The goal is to make it clear that young people affected by the current system, are asking for change, a structural change that they themselves have initiated during this event.
Rekréalo has been the start of a revolution in learning in our country. It is a turning point in the way education is understood, making it possible to create a reform that will lead to a better future for all.

Rekréalo: 100 Spanish young people and 7 proposals to change education
Rekréalo: 100 Spanish young people and 7 proposals to change education