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The digital education programme, promoted by Fundación Telefónica and Fundación "la Caixa", Profuturo, participates in the summit to present initiatives that improve learning and promote the achievement of the SDGs.

#ProFuturo TransformingEducation

We have been part of the panel of world leaders who have participated in the United Nations Transforming Education Summit (TES) to mobilise actions related to learning and digital transformation, education financing or boosting digital employability. These thematic actions are guided, among other things, by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the summit, launched in response to the global education crisis that has accentuated the COVID-19 affecting millions of children in vulnerable contexts, the UN hopes to achieve national and international commitments, greater public participation and support, and a declaration of principles by the Secretary General on the transformation of education.

Magdalena Brier, Director General of ProFuturo, the programme that we promote with “la Caixa” Foundation, took part in the meeting on fostering multi-stakeholder partnerships to promote the transformation of education.

In her speech, Brier stressed that the challenges of digital transformation in education need joint solutions and drew attention to the need for “closer collaboration between ministries of education, educators and private sector leaders to connect and expand efforts to create holistic and resilient education systems that necessarily include a digital dimension”.

Unanimously, the participants in the session expressed their commitment to implement actions to mobilise the global education community and drive lifelong learning to meet the new challenges of the labour market.

ProFuturo, among the global promoters of digital education at the UN’s ‘Transforming Education’ summit
ProFuturo, among the global promoters of digital education at the UN’s ‘Transforming Education’ summit