Learn to program for free at Campus 42. Don’t think twice, sign up!

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Learn for free at the 42 programming campuses to boost your digital skills, and improve your professional profile and the most in-demand skills in the labour market.

We are living in one of the greatest revolutions in history, immersed in an explosion of technology coupled with a speed of change that has modified everything we knew until now, especially in the workplace.

In this process of technological transformation, we have had to adapt to the acquisition of competencies and skills aimed at incorporating new ways of learning, relating and even working.

At Fundación Telefónica, we want people to be able to learn about and take advantage of the possibilities offered by technology in areas as essential as education and employment, in a situation in which the demands of the labour market in terms of technological skills have increased.

Free digital skills training

One of the free projects focused on preparing people for the work that is currently in demand is the Campus 42 programme.

What is Campus 42?

  • A learning method that completely breaks with the traditional educational model.
  • A programming campus that opens the door to peer-to-peer training, without teachers, books or classes.
  • A completely free method, open to people over 18 years of age and with no requirements or previous knowledge.
  • A model aimed at training students both in digital skills, the most in demand today, and in what are known as ‘soft skills’: resilience and adaptation to change, frustration tolerance, creativity and, above all, teamwork, among many others.


Two steps to access 42

Want to know what you need to know to gain access to one of our campuses? Here are the three things you need to do to get in:

  1. To begin with, you have to register at one of the four campuses:

Registration campus 42 Madrid
Registration campus 42 Barcelona
Registration campus 42 Malaga
Registration campus 42 Urduliz

2. Once you have completed your registration, you will have to pass the two online skills tests to be eligible for one of the pools.

And if you’re wondering what the pool is, here’s a hint. It is a 26 consecutive 26-day on-campus face-to-face challenge that is completely free and serves as the final step in the selection process. Through daily projects, candidates have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in the C language while learning to work alongside their peers.

The 26-day pool is an immersive experience of programming 7 days a week, day and night, alongside many other people in an identical situation of teamwork, overcoming moments of frustration, development, communication and lots and lots of code.

42, much more than a campus to learn programming

42 is a philosophy, a revolution that comes to break with all the paradigms of education. At 42, students are the protagonists of their own learning (step by step and free of charge).

Our 42 campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Urduliz offer the necessary tools to face all the technological changes that any person faces throughout his or her career. At 42 you “learn to learn” by developing the ability to adapt and find solutions to problems based on current knowledge and tools.

Thanks to self-learning and peers. Its gamified methodology allows students to pass levels and acquire the technical and transversal skills that companies are demanding.

Students learn not only programming, cybersecurity, design, blockchain, etc., but also communication, leadership, frustration tolerance, teamwork, etc.

42, considered one of the most innovative programming campuses in the world and in the Top Ten of the world’s universities with the best level of training, opens the door to a new way of building the future and being professionally prepared for all the challenges that are yet to come.

Still thinking about it? Here’s one last good reason: the 42 programming campuses are the ideal launching pad to connect you with the jobs of today and tomorrow – the job market is waiting for you with open arms!

If you want to know more, check out the 42 programming campuses page.

Learn to program for free at Campus 42. Don’t think twice, sign up!
Learn to program for free at Campus 42. Don’t think twice, sign up!