Key skills for success in digital project management

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We explain the key skills and distinctions between the two roles associated with digital project management: Digital Project Manager and Digital Product Manager.

If you’re planning to enter the digital world, you’ve probably heard of Digital Product Manager and Digital Project Manager. But do you really know what each one does and what differentiates them? Although both roles sound very similar, there are some key distinctions between them.

Digital Product Manager:

This professional role is responsible for the overall strategy and vision of the digital product. They are in charge of market analysis, user needs and shaping the direction of the product, service, tool, etc. He/she must ensure that it meets business objectives and customer expectations.

Digital Project Manager:

On the other hand, the Digital Project Manager is in charge of carrying out the specific tasks to realise the vision of the Digital Product Manager. He or she is responsible for coordinating teams, setting timelines and managing budgets. He or she must ensure that the entire project progresses smoothly to achieve the project objectives.

According to our Employment Map, the second most sought-after digital profession in 2023 in Spain was that of Digital Project Manager, with more than 9,000 job offers published; while Digital Product Manager was present in just over 1,000 vacancies.

If this data catches your attention, then what do you need to be a Digital Project Manager or a Digital Product Manager?

Cross-cutting skills common to both profiles

  • Project management: You must be able to properly manage and optimise time, resources and risks. You need strong prioritisation and problem-solving skills. You must be able to adapt quickly to changes and project requirements
  • Effective communication: as well as being able to communicate with your team to ensure everyone is looking in the same direction, you will need to lead meetings and write accurate reports.
  • Technical knowledge: you don’t need to be an expert developer, but you do need to understand the technical fundamentals to better communicate with your team and make informed decisions.

In addition to these transversal competencies, each of the roles requires specific digital skills. According to Employment Map, these are the three most in-demand:

3 key digital skills for the Digital Project Manager

If you are thinking of entering this speciality, these are the most sought-after digital skills according to Fundación Telefónica’s Employment Map:

  1. Scrum: you will need to master this management framework that teams use to organise themselves and work towards a common goal.
  2. Microsoft Office: you will need to have advanced knowledge and skills in the use of this office suite of applications for computers, servers and services.
  3. Java: the third most sought-after skill is proficiency in this widely used programming language for coding applications.

3 key digital skills of the Digital Product Manager

Although similar, there is also some difference in the most sought-after digital skills for this type of profile versus the previous one. Based on information from the Job Map, the three most sought-after skills are:

  1. Scrum: as in the case of the Digital Project Manager, you must be an expert in this tool.
  2. Java: you must have advanced knowledge of this programming language which, in this type of professional profile, is the second most sought-after skill in the labour market.
  3. Cloud Computing: finally, the third most required skill is related to the management and mastery of cloud computing services and developments.


Digital Project Manager and Digital Product Manager Salaries

Now, let’s talk about one of the most striking parts of these professional profiles: the salary.

For Digital Project Managers, compensation varies by location, experience and industry. This position offers substantial professional and financial growth potential for those willing to take on the challenge.

In the case of the Digital Product Manager, salaries mainly move, as in the previous case, depending on the geographical location. But this position may also have salary differences depending on the technologies, since in areas such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence they may receive higher remuneration compared to others such as development or programming.

Digital Project ManagerJunior (< 5 years experience)30,000 €/year approx.
Senior (> 5 years experience)More than 80,000 €/year
Digital Product ManagerJunior (< 5 years experience)Between 24.000 €/year and 36.000 €/year
Senior (> 5 years experience)More than 60.000 €/year

It is clear that both profiles are fundamental pieces in the complex world of digital project management. If you are considering specialising in one of these profiles, our Virtual Career Advisor will recommend the right training for you, free of charge.

If you have it clear and want to start your professional career in this world, you can find all the job offers available for both Digital Project Manager and Digital Product Manager at

Key skills for success in digital project management
Key skills for success in digital project management