Improve your digital skills to apply them in road transport

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The Nanograde Transport 4.0 course has been extended until 25 September 2022.

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Fundación Telefónica, together with CEOE, the International Road Transport Association (ASTIC) and the Spanish Confederation of Bus Transport (CONFEBUS) and with the collaboration of the Academia del Transportista and the expert Juan Manuel Martínez Mourín, we have launched free online training to boost the digitisation of the road transport sector in Spain.

Registration Open

Due to the success of the call, we have extended the deadline for registration and completion of the Nanograde Transport 4.0 course. until 25 September 2022.

Take this opportunity to improve your digital skills and apply them to the transport sector. This training will give you the opportunity to work in a much more agile and efficient way with your customers and suppliers.

If you are considering starting your journey towards digital transformation or are in the process of completing it, don’t miss this opportunity. In addition, if you were already studying this material and had not yet finished it, you can continue your training until you have completed it.

With the same approach as a university degree, you will be able to choose from three possible pathways:

  • Technological (170 hours)
  • Positioning in the digital ecosystem (170 hours)
  • Expert Itinerary (240 hours).

The three options have a common and compulsory core training on sector-specific topics such as sustainable mobility, case stories of the application of technology in the road transport sector and soft skills of the new working environments and methodologies in Industry 4.0.

The ‘Technological’ itinerary also contains training modules on Big DataInternet of Things and 4.0 Technologies; and the ‘Positioning in the Digital Ecosystem’ itinerary introduces Marketing Digital, web analytics and the social media strategy. The ‘Expert’ option includes all the above modules and consists of 240 hours.


Sectoral digitalisation, a key axis for development

The pandemic has accelerated the transformation plans of a large part of the Spanish business fabric, and adapting to these changes inevitably involves digitalisation as a strategic axis of development. New technologies have completely revolutionised traditional sales, distribution and consumption processes, but despite this reality, almost half of the Spanish population still lacks digital skills.

With this objective in mind, in 2020, Fundación Telefónica and CEOE launched the ‘Professionals 4.0′ initiative to boost the digitisation of the productive sectors through a joint online training programme, thus contributing to the digital empowerment of workers through transversal knowledge and sector-specific skills.

At Fundación Telefónica, through our ‘Job Connect’ programme, we also train users in digital skills by developing the training pathway that connects them with technology companies. Meanwhile, CEOE is leading the coordination with those companies, business organisations, bodies and entities from the different productive sectors in Spain that are interested in taking part in the programme.

Improve your digital skills to apply them in road transport
Improve your digital skills to apply them in road transport