Fundación Telefónica Venezuela opens the exhibition “Instant Realities”

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Instant photography is the fastest and most agile way of transmitting realities

Fundación Telefónica  and the Trasnocho Arte Contacto (TAC) Gallery opened in Caracas the exhibition “Instant Realities”, which will be open to the public until 25 October. With the research and curatorship of Sagrario Berti, the exhibition and accompanying catalogue takes, as a starting point, the study on the use and functions of instant photography, both in everyday life and in varied explorations manifested in the field of art. Within this framework, the work of 58 artists and 21 family archives are exhibited, covering around 600 instant photographs.

Pedro Cortez, president of Telefónica Venezuela welcomed the guests to the event, and highlighted that “the contribution of telecommunications to photography is fascinating. A platform to boost and extend its scope, to make it two-way in real time. We at Telefónica | Movistar feel proud to offer connectivity to over 12 million people in Venezuela, to approach technology, digital education and to develop innovative and creative ways of applying it to culture and to art”.

“This is the fifteenth exhibition we have organized since 2011, when we started our programme of Contemporary Culture in the country. This programme develops own projects, in alliance with distinguished curators and cultural spaces of the country, placing special emphasis on exhibitions that combine art and technology”, reported Valentina Ríos, General Manager of Fundación Telefónica.

Sagrario Berti, curator of the exhibition, stated: “instant photography is the fastest and most agile way of transmitting realities, passing from traditional formats to digital technology. Instant photos have now become a talisman, an archaeological relic, a cultural device, reconfigured second by second and encouraged by users”.

Apart from the study drawn-up by the curator, the 84-page catalogue designed by Aixa Díaz, contains reflections made by Ruth Auerbach, Aixa Sánchez and Bárbara Muñoz, on the main theme of the exhibition. Museography is by Ricardo Báez, who conceived staging with different environments.

On entering the TAC Gallery, visitors can admire the work of 58 artists, seven of whom especially use the Instagram platform to disseminate their works. 21 family archives are also exhibited from collaborators of Telefónica, who have generously shared photos of their own archives.

The exhibition also has a photo booth, from Instagramers Venezuela, in which the public can leave a record of their visit to this gallery through a technological element.

The public can download in their smartphones and tablets the application “On Spot Me” developed by the VOR Marketing team, a group of Wayra entrepreneurs, an incubator of technology entrepreneurial projects of Telefónica Movistar. You simply have to pass the phone over the spotter device located in the room, and a teaching guide on this creative exhibition will be immediately deployed on the screen.

“Instant Realities” will also have an educational programme and a guided visit to the exhibition on Saturday, 19 September at 4 pm. A series of conferences and forums will also be developed and transmitted via streaming through the website The first is entitled “Approach to Instant Realities: Research and Museography” by Sagrario Berti and Ricardo Báez, which will be held on Wednesday, 16 September at 6 pm at the TAC Gallery.

Fundación Telefónica Venezuela opens the exhibition “Instant Realities”
Fundación Telefónica Venezuela opens the exhibition “Instant Realities”