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With the aim of promoting the adoption and use of technology in civil society organizations (CSOs), a Technology Alliance for Good was signed by María Angélica Luna Parra, Head of INDESOL; Raúl Rafael Anaya Núñez, General Manager of the Professionalization of Social Care at DIF; Juan Carlos Rico Campos, General Manager of Youth Wellbeing and Engagement at IMJUVE; Jorge Silva Luján, General Manager of Microsoft; and Jorge Vega Iracelay, Senior Director of Legal and Corporate Matters and Philanthropy at Microsoft Mexico.

Technology is something that enables CSOs to improve their operating efficiency, increase their fundraising capacity and, most importantly, ensure their actions have a bigger impact for the benefit of society; for this reason, public and private organizations and civil society have established this alliance which will help to professionalize organizations in the use of technology, especially with regard to cloud computing.

In Mexico, more than 32,000 civil society organizations have their own Unique Registration Code in the Federal Registry of Civil Society Organizations (CLUNI); in 2014, around 11,940 organizations had received some form of support or assistance from the Federal Public Administration; in 2015, some 1,522 CSO projects were supported, with a positive impact on the country’s development. The social sector is a driving force for development which needs to take advantage of technology to further improve its social impact.

Part of the actions of the Technology Alliance for Good include organizing forums and workshops around the Republic of Mexico to address issues such as the administrations of donors, fundraising, volunteerism, the management and organization of marketing and advertising campaigns based on the use of technology, and the use of cloud computing, civic technology and technologies for the disabled.

The forums and workshops will be held in Yucatan, Puebla, Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Baja California Sur, Nuevo Leon and Jalisco.

“The alliance we are forming today is a clear example of Microsoft’s commitment to civil society organizations in its role as a strategic partner in disseminating cloud services for the public good. These endeavours form part of our global commitment to empower every individual and organization on the planet to achieve more”.

Jorge Vega-Iracelay The Senior Director of Legal and Corporate Matters and Philanthropy at Microsoft Mexico.

As well as the forums and workshops, special advisory sessions will be given on the use of technology based at the RIA Centres and Digital Libraries of the Proaccess Foundation in the State of Mexico.

As a result of the Technology Alliance for Good, it is hoped that some 1,200 non-profit organizations will be given training in technology and at least 300 will receive a technology donation from Microsoft within the next six months.

The Technology Alliance for Good is made up of the following organizations: INDESOL, DIF, IMJUVE, Microsoft, Fundación Proacceso ECO, MAJOCCA, the Private Welfare Board of the Federal District of Mexico, the Private Welfare Board of the State of Mexico, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and Fundación Telefónica, which is collaborating in the form of talks on education and technology; in addition, experts from Telefónica (Movistar) will address the issues of telecommunications, data plants, the use of digital tools and secure use of the internet.

Fundación Telefónica Mexico takes part in the Technology Alliance for Good
Fundación Telefónica Mexico takes part in the Technology Alliance for Good