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Fundación Telefónica calls on all young people with ideas of a social nature to participate in the reconstruction of this world. How? Through a series of challenges in which technology and educational innovation help reconstruct the future. We are therefore joining ‘Creating for Humanity’, a global call to action for young people who want to create and put into action ideas, solutions and startups capable of resolving the challenge that faces us, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fundación Telefónica’s ‘STEAM Challenge’ and the ‘Fuller Challenge’ are included on the Creating for Humanity platform, to encourage a massive mobilization of young people and involve them in the search for effective and quick solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

We, as a society, are facing a critical moment which requires the best of us. We at Fundación Telefónica have joined the efforts of the public administrations and NGOs, joining forces to fight against the virus and ease the suffering of those who are affected.

It is time to join forces, but it is also a time to seek solutions between us all. We have a unique opportunity before us to demonstrate that technology can provide a response to social needs, including the most urgent.

We believe that it is time to put into practice our capacity for: Adaptation, Collaboration, Reflection and Creation.

We want to launch the challenge to start creating together. We want to take advantage of the way in which we connect with people to design specific solutions that can help us all. This is why we are launching two digital challenges for schools and young people around the world, to find ideas and seek solutions for a better world, now and in the future.

STEAM Challenge

This is a challenge aimed at developing STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics) through the development of digital projects in programming, robotics and science to provide solutions to this new social environment in which we find ourselves. The competition involves young people between the ages of 14 and 25, in teams or individually, to develop an innovative digital project within one of the following disciplines: health, society or general? Are you up for it? It’s very simple, complete the form and you will be participating.

Radical Curiosity. Fuller Educational Challenge

The aim of this challenge is to recognize and provide visibility to young people, between the ages of 12 and 18, who want to promote innovative projects (prototypes and advanced projects) to improve their surroundings, providing a response to the crisis in which we find ourselves. We aim to inspire you with the figure of Buckminster Fuller, an American inventor, designer and creator who was ahead of his time, revolutionizing areas such as housing, education, design and the concept of sustainability. You will be able to participate in this challenge as of September, coinciding with the exhibition ‘Radical Curiosity: In the orbit of Buckminster Fuller’, which can be visited at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica as of that date.

We are not alone in this initiative, we are joining the Creating for Humanity project, in which nine entities driving social innovation have joined forces to launch, and encourage, a massive mobilization of young people in the search for effective and quick solutions to the coronavirus crisis. Those participating in this initiative are Danone, Fundación Telefónica, Ashoka, Bridge for Billions, Ship2B, Mondragon, MTA-LEINN, EduCaixa and IrsiCaixa: companies and social organizations with experience in fostering, driving and accompanying projects with a social impact until their culmination.

Fundación Telefónica encourages young people to rethink tomorrow with educational and technological challenges
Fundación Telefónica encourages young people to rethink tomorrow with educational and technological challenges