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“Dreams in Large Format” is a project aimed at giving young people the opportunity of identifying their dreams and recognizing passion as the drive that moves ideas.

San Salvador, 30 September 2015.- Fundación Telefónica El Salvador celebrated the 2nd Moment of Innovation for Young People: “Dreams in Large Format”. The event was attended by 200 young people from all over the country, to provide them with innovation tools so they can identify their dreams, use their potential and achieve their goals.

“Dreams in Large Format” is a project launched by Fundación Telefónica for the purpose of providing young participants with innovation tools and methodologies applied to their everyday life. At the second edition, over 200 young people attended workshops focused on four stages: inspiration, passion, dreams and innovation, to help them convert their idea into a life project.

“It is extremely important for Fundación Telefónica to rouse interest in young people to become agents of change. The project “Moments of Innovation: Dreams in Large Format”, was therefore conceived with the aim of providing young people with useful tools to achieve their goals. Each stage (inspiration, passion, dreams and innovation) provides young people with a space in which, through practical workshops, they can learn and put innovation techniques into practice in their everyday life. This is based on what is the drive: their dreams”, said José Antonio Fernández, director of Fundación Telefónica El Salvador.

“In order to become more innovative as a country in coming years, it is necessary to establish lines of learning focused on promoting innovation and the use of technology”.


With this initiative, Fundación Telefónica is reinforcing its commitment to society, continuously preparing those who are the present and future of the country.

The 2nd Moment of Innovation is also being carried out in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama in various stages to reach over 750 young people.

Fundación Telefónica develops its 2nd Moment of Innovation: Dreams in Large Format
Fundación Telefónica develops its 2nd Moment of Innovation: Dreams in Large Format