Free training in Amazon Web Services cloud with Campus 42

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The certified people will have the opportunity to join the acens team, the centre specialising in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology from Telefónica Tech.


Our 42 programming campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Urduliz (Bizkaia) will train 140 students from 6 October to 22 December 2022 in one of the most in-demand digital skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS).


The digital transformation has generated the creation of professional profiles specialised in technologies such as cloud computing or cybersecurity that need qualified people to cover them. According to Logicalis Spain, in the first quarter of 2022, the growth in the recruitment of cloud specialists was 152%, a figure that outlines the high demand from companies.

To provide an outlet for this demand for work and to do so by promoting quality technological employment, the 42 programming campuses in Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona and Urduliz (Bizkaia), with experts in the field from ‘acens part of Telefónica Tech‘ and in collaboration with AWS Academy, have designed ‘AWS Cloud Camp by acens‘. This is a pioneering training programme, completely free of charge, which offers students the opportunity to become certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technologies and to access a job.


What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, encompasses a set of cloud-hosted solutions that deliver IT infrastructure-related services to businesses.

Email and file storage are clearly the most commonly used and most common for businesses using the cloud, although they are by no means the only uses of the cloud.

Others include:

  • Cloud storage.
  • Storage and content managers.
  • Enterprise applications.
  • Databases
  • Virtual networking.
  • Mobile application management.
  • Tools for developers.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Internet of things.
  • Security and access control.

Cloud solutions are in continuous growth, the customisation of services, moreover, has made experts in their development one of the most sought-after profiles.


What does the ‘AWS Cloud Camp by acens’ programme consist of?

During the three months of duration, participants will acquire technical knowledge to become certified in: Amazon Web Services Cloud Foundations and Amazon Web Services Cloud Architecting through the Amazon Web Services Academy platform.

Those certified as Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect will have the opportunity to join the acens team, as a centre specialising in Telefónica Tech’s AWS technologies.

A pioneer in cloud services, 80% of acens employees are already certified or in training to achieve it. Given this specialisation, the 42 students who become part of its staff will become part of a group of expert professionals in charge of applying the best practices recommended by Amazon Web Services to offer customers a fast and secure transition to the cloud.


Going deeper into cloud computing

The free training programme ‘AWS Cloud Camp by acens’ consists of several phases in which participants can:

  • start and deepen their knowledge of cloud computing
  • delve into the creation and design of secure, resident IT solutions available on the AWS cloud.
  • explore AWS services for account security, networking, monitoring, automation, backup and recovery, and more.

During the training, the 140 participants will be mentored by specialised professionals, following 42’s philosophy based on flexible learning and cooperation between them.


What is Campus 42?

42 is:

  • A completely ground-breaking learning method compared to the traditional educational model
  • A programming campus that opens the door to peer-to-peer learning, without teachers, books or classes.
  • A completely free model, open to people over 18 years of age and with no requirements or prior knowledge.
  • A model aimed at training students both in digital skills, the most in demand today, and in what are known as ‘soft skills’: resilience and adaptation to change, frustration tolerance, creativity and, above all, teamwork, among many others.

Our 42 campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Urduliz offer the necessary tools to face all the technological changes that any person faces throughout their career. At 42 you “learn to learn” by developing the ability to adapt and find solutions to problems based on current knowledge and tools.

Its gamified methodology allows students to pass levels and acquire the technical and transversal skills that companies are demanding thanks to self-learning and peers.

But not only do students learn programming, cybersecurity, design, blockchain, etc., but also communication, leadership, frustration tolerance, teamwork…

42, considered one of the most innovative programming campuses in the world and in the Top Ten of the world’s universities with the best level of training, opens the door to a new way of building the future and being professionally prepared for all the challenges that are yet to come.

And thanks to initiatives like this, we strengthen the Telefónica Group’s commitment to leading the new digital world through the global Innovation and Talent Hub.

For more information about our programming campuses, just click on this link.

Free training in Amazon Web Services cloud with Campus 42
Free training in Amazon Web Services cloud with Campus 42