Building the future: The evolution of women in technology professions

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Software Developing/Programming and Digital Project Manager are the positions which had developed the biggest women's representation grownth.

In recent years, the presence of women in technology professions has evolved moderately, reflecting a change in industry dynamics. Since January 2022, an increase in female talent has been observed, particularly in development and programming roles. It is essential to analyse how the role of women has evolved in these areas and what challenges and opportunities have arisen on the road to equal representation in the ICT sector.

Below, we look at developments in three of the most significant ICT fields from January 2022 to the present day, examining the progress made and the next steps towards greater diversity in the technology field. According to our Mapa del Empleo, the most in-demand digital jobs in the labour market are Software Developer/Programmer, ICT Consultant and Digital Project Manager.


Software Development/Programming

Over the past few years, this role has seen the greatest increase in the participation and recognition of women. This change can be attributed to a number of initiatives aimed at fostering inclusion and diversity in the technology sector such as scholarship programmes and women-focused events.

Leading technology companies have implemented inclusive hiring policies and internal training programmes to foster a more diverse work environment. This approach has led to an increase in female representation in development teams and greater visibility of women leaders in ICT, serving as an inspiration for future generations.

Among the initiatives focused on increasing the presence of women in this type of profiles, in the 42 programming campuses we reserve 30% of the places for women in their pools, the 26-day face-to-face selection process. In addition, as a learning alternative, women over the age of 18 can sign up for the Piscine Discovery Web, a five-day initiative, free of charge and in person, which allows participants to learn how to create their own website through the 42 methodology.

Although there has been progress, the gender gap in the field of development and programming is still very much present. More work needs to be done to remove barriers that may limit women’s access to education and employment opportunities in technology.


ICT consultancy

In the ICT consulting sector, the participation of women has not grown as dramatically in recent years. Technology consultancies have implemented strategies to recruit and retain female talent, recognising the value of gender diversity in problem solving and service delivery.

Women ICT consultants have stood out for their ability to offer unique perspectives, communication skills and customer-centric focus. This diversity of talent has strengthened the ability of consulting firms to adapt to market demands and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions.


Digital Project Manager

In the field of technology project management, there have also been significant advances in the inclusion of women in recent years. As organisations recognise the importance of diversity in decision-making and innovation, more and more women have taken on leadership roles in technology project management.

Training in leadership, project management and technology skills has been instrumental in getting women into these roles. In addition, the promotion of an inclusive business culture and the recognition of talent regardless of gender has helped to break down barriers and open up opportunities for women’s professional growth in this field. It is important to highlight and promote female role models to inspire the next generation of women to pursue careers in technology.


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Building the future: The evolution of women in technology professions
Building the future: The evolution of women in technology professions