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Selecting the innovative projects for the fourth edition of Think Big has been a difficult task. So high was the standard of the 769 ideas sent to us by the participants that we decided to increase the number of projects selected from 300 to 330.

So now these 330 Spanish young people have joined a big family where other young people and volunteers from Telefónica will help them to grow their projects.

Over the weekend of 20-22 November, 230 young people of the 330 selected, 180 mentors and 15 monitors got together at an event in Buitrago de Lozoya (Madrid).

Inspirational talks, knowledge pills, teamwork and networking are what these new Think Big youngsters are experiencing. “In life, it’s about making every day worthwhile. It’s not so much about living a long time, but being able to live each day.” This was one of the optimistic and motivational messages that Teresa Perales sent to these young entrepreneurs.
During the event, several youngsters shared their projects with the others, including:

– Click & Teach, a web app for putting families with children with ADHD in contact with ADHD experts.
– Lifeline, an electronic prototype for the automatic detection of motorcycle accidents.
– The Adventures of Tate, an interactive 2D story aimed at children with language and speech disorders.
– Moyupi, a free drawing app that combines new technologies and traditional creative methods.
– Muuusy, a livestock management tool that includes all the information on the animals in a database.
– RideU, an app for making urban mobility easier for people, especially cyclists.
– TalenTank, the online platform on which to find the company of your life, the one that’s most compatible with you.
– eVisualiza, a wearable device that helps people with sight impairments to orientate themselves in cities.

Discover the ideas that will form part of the fourth edition of Think Big Spain
Discover the ideas that will form part of the fourth edition of Think Big Spain