Connecting nearly two million people to digital employability at Conecta Empleo

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We reinforce our commitment to employment and digital training by launching, during 2023, new editions of free Conecta Empleo online courses to improve digital skills and prepare society for the new labour market. In addition, in our commitment to digital training, the free ’42’ programming campuses, with sites in Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid and Urduliz (Bizkaia) will continue to offer access opportunities, as well as our commitment to reintegration into the labour market with the Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo.

Throughout 2022, our employability initiatives contributed to upskilling almost two million people in Spain and Latin America. The Conecta Empleo free online training programme alone benefited almost 300,000 people. The catalogue consists of more than 30 courses with four editions per year, aimed at both the unemployed and professionals who want to improve their employability. They will be offered free online every quarter through Fundación Telefónica’s Conecta Empleo training platform. All of them offer specific technical training, as well as transversal training in entrepreneurship skills, agile methodologies and new ways of working. With a duration of between 30 and 40 hours, they are open to everyone, regardless of their employment situation, age or previous technical knowledge.


Digital training to connect society with the new employability.

Among the most outstanding courses of Conecta Empleo are the three Nanogrades that we offer in collaboration with the main entities of the productive sectors.

The main objective of the ‘Construction 4.0 Nanograde’ is to teach how to take advantage of the full potential of digitalisation at the service of the construction sector, one of the least digitalised productive sectors. This training is promoted by Fundación Telefónica, CEOE and Fundación Laboral de la Construcción. For its part, in February 2022 we launched the first edition of the ‘Transport 4.0 Nanograde’, together with ASTIC, CONFEBUS and CEOE, to promote the digitisation of the road transport sector in Spain. Finally, we have also launched the ‘Agri-food Nanogrid. Fruit and vegetable sector’, with FEPEX and CEOE to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of Spanish agriculture.

Throughout 2022, our projects in Spain and Latin America have benefited almost two million people.

Some of the online courses offered in our MOOCs catalogue include ‘Basic Principles of Big Data’, ‘Project Management with Agile Methodologies and Lean Approach’, ‘Design a High Impact CV’ or ‘Guide to Successful Job Interviews’, which enable students to understand and participate in the changes that are taking place in the new and increasingly digitalised labour market. They are suitable for all audiences and require no prior training or technical knowledge.

Fundación Telefónica is responding with the launch of these courses to the demand for training and digital skills required by today’s labour market. This is demonstrated by the more than 82,000 people who have visited Fundación Telefónica’s Employment Map in 2022, an interactive consultation tool that, thanks to Big Data technology, analyses the labour supply in Spain and detects the professions and skills in greatest demand, as well as their evolution in real time. In addition to this tool, Fundación Telefónica has a Virtual Career Advisor with almost 22,000 new registered users, a chatbot that advises users on the best way to improve their professional profile and how to prepare for it with more than 50,000 online courses from the best training platforms.


’42’, the most innovative programming campus

Campus 42










In addition to the free online courses of Conecta Empleo, Fundación Telefónica has more initiatives to promote digitalisation in our country: Among them, the 42 campuses in Spain. Fundación Telefónica currently has 42 Madrid, 42 Urduliz (Bizkaia) and 42 Barcelona and 42 Malaga campuses in operation.

The 42 project, with a pioneering methodology based on peer-to-peer learning and gamification, has expanded in Spain with the idea of becoming a benchmark for innovation with a firm commitment to attracting technological talent and to digital training for the whole of society. 42, distinguished among the TOP 10 most innovative universities according to the WURI ranking, is free, face-to-face (lasting from six months to three years), at your own pace, with no age limit, open 24/7, no teachers, no books and no need for prior training or any qualifications. Enrolment is permanently open. In 2022 alone, 4,500 people have been trained on the four campuses with its unique educational methodology.


Training for employment

Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo

And for those who are unemployed and want to strengthen their digital and transversal skills, Fundación Telefónica has the Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo, a programme of labour reinsertion in collaboration with the Santa María la Real Foundation through the POISES operational programme.  Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’ opens a new call for training in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla and Leon, Balearic Islands, Community of Madrid, Community of Valencia and Navarra.

Participants will attend virtual and face-to-face sessions and will be advised by technicians to carry out a comprehensive job search itinerary, update their CVs, rehearse interviews and contact companies. Registration is open until 23 January 2023 on the Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo website or in person at the facilities in each city.

Connecting nearly two million people to digital employability at Conecta Empleo
Connecting nearly two million people to digital employability at Conecta Empleo