Campus 42 of Fundación Telefónica, SERES 2023 award for its commitment to improving employability in this digital age

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The 42 programming campuses reinforce its position as one of the world's most innovative learning centres for digital and transversal skills.

During the award ceremony, Carmen Morenés, Director General of Fundación Telefónica, expressed her gratitude for this new recognition, which endorses the Foundation’s involvement in improving employment opportunities in society through training.

Fundación Telefónica aims, through projects such as campus 42, to achieve equal opportunities for all people and promote digital and social inclusion.

Fundación Telefónica’s free programming campuses 42 receive one of the SERES 2023 awards in recognition of its role as an innovative educational project aimed at training, free of charge, in the new technological profiles that the labour market is demanding.

Together with Caixabank, Ebro Foods and Sogeviso, Fundación Telefónica has been awarded by Fundación SERES for its involvement and commitment to the promotion of fair and inclusive digitalization that allows people to qualify, with equal opportunities, to face the challenge of digital transformation.

During the awards ceremony, Carmen Morenés, Director General of Fundación Telefónica, in addition to thanking the award for the campus 42 project, pointed out that: “this award recognizes our mission to promoting digital inclusion through different initiatives focused on training and innovation. This is the case of 42, much more than a programming campus; it is a new way of learning. 42 is based on a disruptive, free and collaborative method where the student decides what to learn, at what pace and with whom”.

This recognition further reinforces the positioning of campus 42 as an innovative and disruptive center which, in 2023, has also been recognized in the WURI ranking for the third consecutive year as one of the 10 most innovative universities in the world. And it further strengthens Fundación Telefónica’s commitment to provide and improve equal opportunities in terms of training and learning digital skills at a time when the shortage of qualified technical profiles makes it even more necessary to value learning options such as the Campus 42 programming campuses.


Campus 42, an innovative, free, pioneering and differential learning model

Since 1998, Telefonica Foundation has been promoting projects with a digital soul to achieve a fairer and more inclusive society. Technology not only connects people, but also generates opportunities and training for the digital world improves people’s employability opportunities.

In an environment in which the digital revolution has brought about profound changes in all areas, especially in the labour market, where companies are finding it difficult to fill very specific vacancies related to new digital professions.

Aware of this situation, and with the digital component present in our DNA, Fundación Telefónica’s Employability and Educational Innovation team promotes projects that contribute to improving people’s employability, with a special focus on digital profiles. In this context, it has launched 42, a disruptive, inclusive (open to anyone over 18 years of age, with no requirements for qualifications or previous knowledge), free and flexible (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) educational model.

Fundación Telefónica currently has four programming campuses: 42 Madrid, the first opened in September 2019; 42 Urduliz, the second opened in April 2021, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in Urduliz (Bizkaia); 42 Barcelona, the third opened in Barcelona in November 2021 together with the City Council of Barcelona and the Generalitat of Catalunya and the last, 42 Málaga, opened in February 2022, launched together with the City Council of Málaga, the Junta de Andalucía and in collaboration with the provincial government of Málaga.

Campus 42 of Fundación Telefónica, SERES 2023 award for its commitment to improving employability in this digital age
Campus 42 of Fundación Telefónica, SERES 2023 award for its commitment to improving employability in this digital age