Being a programmer: 3 examples of a passion turned into a profession

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Three students from the '42' programming campus tell us what motivated them to join and what they have found.


3 students tell us how the ’42’ programming campuses offer, through an innovative methodology, free, quality training that does not require previous knowledge.

This is no exaggeration: there are professions where the employability rate is practically 100%. They are the jobs that shape the present, transversal to any sector. Some of them are software developer, ICT technical professional, digital project manager, systems administrator, full stack developer… 

Our ’42’ programming campuses are born from this observation and with the aim of training people in the professions that the market is going to need to cover in the coming years. 

’42’ is a programming campus where traditional schemes and paradigms are broken with a methodology based on peer-to-peer learning and gamification, a philosophy focused on “learning to learn” and spaces where creativity, effort, self-improvement and teamwork are encouraged. And, what’s more, completely free of charge. 


3 examples of a passion turned into a profession


Pilar Márquez, 44 years old, “When reality surpasses fiction”.

Pilar Márquez (Cádiz) is a student at the ’42’ programming campus in Málaga and is just a few days away from turning 45. In her life, English Philology, a Master’s degree in Communication Management in Organisations and even an independent publishing house specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror have crossed paths, which has been her main occupation ever since. She has been trained in spell-checking and proofreading, and works in parallel as a freelancer, proofreading for other publishers and organisations.

At that time, he decided to redirect his career towards a sector, the technology sector, which had always attracted him and which, given his age, he considered very difficult to enter. To this she added the ’42’ method, which suited her curious and self-taught personality: “What I value most is that we are treated as adults who take responsibility for their work and their progress”. 

Pilar entered the campus with a very specific goal: to master programming, proofreading, editing, cultural management and cybersecurity. “I like to be an all-rounder and to be able to contribute, humbly, what I have been learning in all my years of experience together with the new knowledge I am acquiring in programming,” she says. 


Karol Huertas, 29 years old, From 0 to 100

Karol Huertas (Ecuador) is 29 years old and has no formal education. She currently works as an administrator, but hopes that will change because “I love programming and I want to make it my profession”. 

Karol attended an open day at the ’42’ programming campus in Madrid with the desire to make a radical change in her life. “I left in love with the methodology and all the potential the campus had to offer,” she says. Since then, her knowledge acquisition curve went from 0 to 100 and she learned how to learn. 

Her next steps point towards web3: “I think it’s an incredible ecosystem that I hope to be part of very soon, which would not be possible without the flexibility that the campus offers its students: no timetables, no teachers and where I set my own pace”. 


Jokin Aizpuru, 19 years old, An alternative to the traditional teaching model

Jokin Aizpuru (San Sebastian), 19, was not sure what he was going to find on the Urduliz campus. He had taken the baccalaureate in Science and Technology and was attracted by the fact that the campus website stated that the methodology and teaching were different: “It was very strange to think about it; I didn’t develop an image of how things would flow”.

Jokin signed up because he didn’t like the traditional teaching model and because his parents encouraged him to decide for himself his next steps. There he found a very healthy environment, companionship, freedom and opportunities: “I don’t think I would ever have found the same environment if I had chosen another type of training”. Since then, encouraged by the flexibility he has discovered at ’42’, a future project is beginning to take shape: “I want to open my own business”.

Do you also want to be part of ’42’? Visit our website and train yourself in the professions demanded by the market and in soft skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork.

Being a programmer: 3 examples of a passion turned into a profession
Being a programmer: 3 examples of a passion turned into a profession