Aula Digital Peru: Technology, a transformative key for education

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The 2020 health emergency not only revealed that the digital divide in areas such as education was a priority, but also highlighted the inequity and lack of access to resources to support the education of all learners.

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Technology became, in these circumstances, a powerful tool for the training and preparation of students and teachers everywhere in the world.

Digital transformation, the key to a more inclusive and just world

At Fundación Telefónica we have been working for more than two decades to make the world a fairer place where no one is left behind. 20 years developing projects that place us as a benchmark for connecting people and as an innovative institution open to taking on the challenges that the digital era puts before us.

On 15 March 2020, the challenge of finding tools and resources to achieve the evolution of the training model in Peru came about. On that date, one day before the official start of classes in the country, all schools closed their doors, which meant a radical change in the way we educate and study.

Our mission is to improve people’s development opportunities by promoting social and inclusive projects in education, employability, culture and volunteering, with technology as an ally, so that no one is left behind.

Technology, a lever for transforming education

In alliance with the la Caixa Foundation, in March 2020, we developed the “Committed to education” programme, which brings education with technology to:

  • schoolchildren and teachers in schools (urban and rural)
  • hospitals
  • inclusive environments in various Latin American countries.

The purpose of this project is to improve and increase the opportunities of thousands of girls and boys, through initiatives to transform teaching and learning supported by innovative and quality digital education.

The “Digital Classroom” project, which is part of “Committed to Education”, contributes to improving the learning of primary school children in Mathematics, Science, Communication and life skills, taking advantage of technology. It also incorporates training and ongoing support for teachers, the implementation of technology in schools, and the use of platforms with digital educational content.

Since before the health emergency, both La Caixa Foundation and our team have been working together to:

  • bridge the educational and technological gap
  • empowering teachers in the use of innovative methodologies
  • improve the learning of students
  • promote dynamic classes with the use of technology.

In this sense, we implement educational and digital projects, develop permanent teacher training workshops, promote the creation and sharing of resources, experiences and educational knowledge, carry out virtual and face-to-face courses, and disseminate good pedagogical practices.

We would like to share this tool of experiences, contributions and methodologies for teacher training in Peru, which we hope will become a valuable resource for teachers, who are the key players in the transformation of teaching and learning in schools.

Find out how we apply the ‘Aula Digital’ project in Peru through the publication that we share, which is the result of the systematisation of the project developed in collaboration with our partner UNESCO Peru.

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Aula Digital Peru: Technology, a transformative key for education
Aula Digital Peru: Technology, a transformative key for education