Available Exhibitions. Culture and knowledge without limits


Title Available Exhibitions. Culture and knowledge without limits

Fundación Telefónica wants the digital revolution to leave no one behind. Our travelling exhibitions programme allows us to strengthen that purpose.

In a context in which technology is transforming society more intensely and rapidly than in any other period in history, the mission of Fundación Telefónica makes more sense than ever, committing to work in different areas to ensure that no one is left on the sidelines of changes that affect practically all aspects of our lives.

From our area of knowledge and digital culture, we aim to lead the debate on the impact of the digital revolution on society in order to contribute to a fair and inclusive transformation.

Espacio Fundación Telefónica, the epicentre of our informative activity and exhibition experiences, aims to promote and broaden access to knowledge and culture.

With a programme of temporary exhibitions where technology, science and art come together to inspire experiences and reflections on contemporary issues.

Through our travelling exhibitions programme, together with the joint work with administrations and museum institutions, this purpose is deployed beyond our headquarters in Madrid through an extensive network of collaborations at a national and international level.

Take a look at the complete catalogue of available exhibitions and if you are interested in any of them, please contact Fundación Telefónica by sending an email to laura.ramonbrogeras@telefonica.com