Title Fake News. The news factory.

Date 15.06-19.11
Fake News. The news factory.

We have more information than ever before, information that is generated at an unprecedented speed. Every second 6,000 tweets, 740,000 whatsapp messages and 694 Instagram posts are published. However, our exposure to manipulation increases in parallel. Every day we are confronted with news and disinformation strategies that test our ability to distinguish what is true and what is false.  Although we are facing a complex phenomenon with centuries of history, the Internet and mass dissemination channels have taken the impact of this phenomenon to an unprecedented level. Fake news makes media literacy more necessary than ever. What are they really and how do they spread? What tools do we have to fabricate them? How can we detect and combat them? Through historical pieces, works by contemporary artists and real case studies, Fake News. The factory of lies aims to review the phenomenon of fake news over the centuries and to reflect on the impact they currently have on our society.

Picture: © Steve Lambert, The Yes Men. The New York Times, 2009.