Beyond 2001: Odysseys of intelligence


Title Beyond 2001: Odysseys of intelligence

Taking Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ as a starting point, this exhibition invites us on a journey from the origins, through the present and into the future of human intelligence through one of our most ambitious projects: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Date From 31 October 2018 to 17 January 2019

Our most distant ancestors created rudimentary tools or technology, from stones and bones, and these played an important role in the survival of the species. Today we create AI computers and programmes, which corroborate the extraordinary advances in human knowledge and herald important changes in our societies.

The film that provided the best outline of this transition is ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘, by Kubrick, which was released fifty years ago. In its three sections, the cast includes both the four million-year-old hominids who invent the “first” weapon, as well as the HAL 9000 super-intelligent computer, the most advanced technology, which controls the Discovery spaceship and its crew.

Asked about artificial intelligence, Stanley Kubrick wrote: “One of the most fascinating issues that arises when imagining computers smarter than humans is to what extent automatic intelligence deserves the same consideration as biological intelligence. One might be tempted to wonder in what way artificial intelligence is less sacrosanct than biological intelligence. And it might be difficult to choose a flattering conclusion in favour of biological intelligence”. Half a century after his film and the novel by Arthur C. Clarke, it seems more relevant than ever to rethink this question.

Curated by Claudia Giannetti– one of the most relevant media art specialists – this exhibition is also divided into three themes: The awakening of intelligence, In the AI universe and The future of intelligences, and beyond infinity. The exhibition establishes links with scenes from ‘2001’, including supporting documents and original Kubrick scripts, and a selection of pieces and significant works that allow us to find out more about the relationship between humans and “thinking” machines. The narrative structure for this exhibition is connected by ten questions, which take into consideration important aspects regarding human intelligence and the potential of AI technology.

With a special emphasis on the synergy between art, science and technology, the main purpose of this project is to present the evolution of human and artificial intelligence from its historic milestones, its current applications and fascinating perspectives of the future.

*Courtesy photo by: Mat Collishaw, Blain Southern and Todd White Art.