Schools for the Digital Society Award

Fundación Telefónica is strengthening its commitment to transform the educational environment in Spain, in view of an increasingly more digitalized society, by organizing the ‘Schools for the Digital Society Award 2015’. Educational centres throughout Spain opted for this Award. These centres have achieved integrating digital innovation in the classroom with the aim of improving teaching and learning processes. 114 prestigious education experts took part in the project assessing and selecting the best pedagogical practices in Spain.

Five sessions were held: three closed sessions to assess and study the projects, and two open sessions for the dissemination of the best practices and the award ceremony.

Four finalists were chosen of each category, which passed to the second phase, where they presented their projects to the commission of experts. During this second phase, the winners of the First and Second prize were chosen from the four finalists of each category.


Category I – Preschool and Primary Education State Schools

Category II – Secondary State Schools, Vocational Training Centres and Adult Education Centres

Category III – Subsidized and Private Schools

Learn about the winning projects (Spanish)