Telefónica Foundation Classrooms

Telefónica Foundation Classrooms is a project for digital inclusion, which promotes the use of new technologies as an essential tool for the improvement of educational quality in Latin America.

We have developed a pedagogical model intended to train and support teachers, seeking to consolidate a virtual educational community (the Educator Network). The aim is to provide a learning space for the exchange and sharing of experiences with teachers from other Telefónica Foundation Classrooms in Latin America and with the group of vocational guidance and training experts that leads the project. Through  Telefónica Foundation Classrooms network we contribute to the fulfillment of OEI’s Educational Goals for 2021, since besides strengthening infrastructures in educational institutions it also fosters the development of networks, access to knowledge and the reduction of the digital divide in vulnerable populations belonging to public schools in which they are present.

The impact of the project

With the support of social organizations allied to Proniño, we promote the development of online and on-site teaching partner strategies that contribute to reducing early school dropout rates.

The arrival of FTC to educational institutions has resulted in three major effects:

  • A training plan for the entire team of teachers in educational centres.
  • Access to EducaRed’s digital materials and active participation in a social network of Latin American teachers that shares differential pedagogies.
  • Increase of teachers with autonomy in the network to learn for themselves.

The great strength of this project is the educational itinerary designed to enable teachers to put the technological resources to work in different ways, which includes collaborative environments, content production and methodologies to apply ICTs in the classroom.

Educators Network

The Educators Network is a meeting place for teachers aimed at using ICTs and applied innovation to highlight social problems through applied innovation and collaborative work in 13 Latin American countries.

In this social network, educators:

  • Get in touch and get to know one another, creating lists of educator friends from the same or different countries, promoting and sharing collaborative work at their centres.
  • They share contents: news on the activities developed at Fundación Telefónica classrooms, best practices and educational resources, initiatives on the eradication of child labour, social inclusion and the development of skills.
  • They are part of theme groups and participate in forums where they contribute with comments, pictures and postings on the virtual community’s blog.